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Top 10 Better Things to Do than Study for GV Midterms

Midterms are right around the corner, and with that comes some very stressful nights cooped up at MIP, weeping loudly because all the good whiteboards were taken. But the truth is, all that studying is only going to fry your brain and make you about 1,000 times crazier than you were at the beginning of the semester. Instead of studying, why not consider some other options? Since your brain’s a little fried already, we’ve come up with 10 to get you started.

10.) Solve the Ravine Stabilization crisis:

Instead of studying for a test you’re just going to forget about five minutes after you take it, why not put your brain into something more productive? GV’s been trying to figure out how to stop the ravines from crumbling for years, and we bet that if you put in as much brain power into this as you did studying for that impossible biochem test, you’d have it solved in no time!

9.) Eat your feelings:

There’s nothing that says procrastination quite like crying into an overpriced bag of Doritos you got from the Lobby Shop, and nothing more fun either (at least when your only other choice is studying). You might need more Doritos though. Let’s be real, one bag probably won’t be enough.

8.) Befriend a GV squirrel:

If you’ve been in the Arboretum, then you’re familiar with all the squirrels who live there. Maybe you’ve seen them hopping in and out of trash cans, stealing all the leftovers from Fresh. Either way, these squirrels are fundamental to GV’s environment, so don’t spend too much time crying over your physics exam when you could be doing something way cooler like training a squirrel to be your bestie.

7.) See how high you can stack the cups at Fresh:

There’s nothing a GVSU student enjoys more than pissing off the employees in Campus Dining, especially during midterms when you’re most definitely looking for something a little more fun to do. Don’t be offended if the employee on the other side of the conveyer belt gets mad and throws the cups back at you: that’s bonus points!

6.) Email your professors to try and get an extension on your exams:

Now that it’s crunch time, you may have realized that you’re not as prepared as you hoped you would be three weeks ago. Rather than actually trying to cram all that information in your head, try emailing your profs to get an extension. Usually, GVSU professors are pretty lenient, but if you encounter one who’s not, just spam their email and surely they’ll change their mind eventually!

5.) Nap on a bench in MAK:

There are plenty of empty benches in Mackinac that have your name all over them. Why not lay down and face the facts: no matter how much your profs lie to you, sleeping’s a lot more productive than pouring your soul into a geography book for six hours straight. In fact, you may as well stay asleep for the rest of the week. You were going to fail those exams anyway.

4.) Learn how to cheat without getting caught:

Why study when you can just cheat? You could spend 100+ hours writing that midterm paper OR you could spend 100+ hours watching YouTube tutorials on how to hide your notes in weird places like the inside of your water bottle or inconspicuously down your sleeve.

3.) Turn your dorm room into a giant fort:

Everyone loves forts, so your roommate probably won’t mind them either. When they stumble into Holton-Hooker at 2 a.m. and unlock the door to their room to find a magical wonderland of pillows and blankets covering all their belongings, they won’t mind at all. Besides, if you don’t need to study, they don’t either.

2.) Binge watch an entire series on Netflix:

You probably do this all the time anyway, so why not do it during midterms? Camp out in MIP, get yourself some expensive-ass tea from Argo, and get ready, because you’re about to sit through 11 straight seasons of Grey’s Anatomy.

1.) Run away from your problems:

If there’s anything a college kid knows how to do it’s to run away from their problems. If all else fails, and you feel like you’ve been reading the same sentence in your textbook for the past 12 hours, then pack your bags and get gone! You won’t need to think about midterms where you’re going.

There are so many things to do at Grand Valley, so don’t let midterms get in the way of gettin’ out there! Instead, get those YouTube videos loaded and crack open that third bag of Doritos, because you’re about to do midterms week the right way.

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