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5 Biggest Upsets in GV Club Madness

March Madness is upon us, and although you might’ve thought Grand Valley wasn’t cool enough to get in on the whole D1 college sports thing, think again! Anyone can get in on March Madness, even if it’s just the Quidditch team facing off with the Irish Dance Club. And Even though they’re just clubs, the games are just as intense. Here are the 5 biggest upsets in GV’s club madness.

5.) Poland v. Germany:
The biggest upset in the madness of this bracket was German Club v. Polish Club. Historically, these two have a rocky relationship. After decades of trying to get a leg up, the Polish got a grip on their offense and were able to take Germany down once and for all. We were incredibly impressed.

4.) Irish Dance Club v. Beekeepers:
These were the clubs to watch for in weekend one. Both teams brought about highly intensive footwork and planning, but at the end of the day, it just wasn’t feasible for the Irish dancers to dance away from all those swarms of bees.

3.) Fencing v. History:
Another tense matchup of the brains versus the brawn. The Fencing Club historically has some of the best defense in the league, not to mention their saber skills are nothing to be trifled with. Nonetheless, the History Club was able to fend them off with their heavy ass books.

2.) League of Legends v. Urban Planning:
We weren’t sure how far Urban Planning was ready to go in this season. We know League of Legends players know how to go hard, but Urban Planning was able to keep up step for step. Eventually, the League players were beat out by the immense teamwork and complex stoplight systems of the Urban Planning club.

1.) Model U.N v. Triathlon:
Arriving quickly in the Elite 8, these two were a tough match. They both employ intense endurance, and the ability to think critically about themselves and the situations around them. From an individual and team standpoint, this was a close match. However, in the end, triathletes weren’t competing in model triathlons and were able to secure the win.

The REAL winner? A delicious club sandwich from the Fresh Food Co. We know. Unpopular opinion, but this sandwich is basically a BLT with some turkey or some avocado. It’s unstoppable, and let’s face it, absolutely a cut above any club you can join at Grand Valley!

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