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5 Notes You Wish You Could Leave on GVSU Parking Enforcement’s Car

Parking at Grand Valley is a nightmare between the hours of 9 a.m and 5 p.m. To help battle this hellish landscape, GVSU has hired parking enforcement officers to ticket those unfortunate enough to be parked where they aren’t supposed to. Everyone hates to come back to an orange ticket on their windshield, so here are some notes we know you’d love to leave on your meter maid’s car in return.

 5.) An apology note:

Pleading is one option, but it’s likely the person seeing this wants you to have a worse day, so maybe not worthwhile. However, it’s worth a shot, and definitely the most likely out of any of the options on this list to actually get you out of a ticket.

4.) An angry note to tell ‘em how you really feel:

Anger will make you feel better, but won’t get you out of a ticket. If you’re certain it’s going to happen anyway, might as well steer into the skid. Let’s face the facts: you were never getting out of that ticket. It’s probably best just to let them know how you feel about the ticket.

3.) A note that makes them feel guilty:

An appeal to their faith isn’t totally classless… right? Give ‘em the ol’ guilt trip with this classic “what would jesus do?” That way they can have a good, long think about their actions, not that this will work, of course.

2.) An even angrier note:

Compare them to a corrupt world leader! That’ll show ’em. Whether it’s Hitler or just Nazis in general, this note will really stick it to whoever decided to stick that orange paper to your car.

1.) A passive aggressive note:

Tell them you know they’re just doing their job, but fuck them anyway. You understand that work is important and that doing your best job is necessary in any place of work, but at least your job isn’t being an asshole!

We’re all busy college students, and sometimes that means you have to park your car where it just isn’t supposed to be. Seems like an easy way for GV to make some extra cash if you ask us. Either way, nobody likes a parking ticket, so next time you get one, remember these handy little notes to tell parking enforcement to shove off.

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