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5 Ways to Deck the Halls at GV

It’s that time of the year with visions of dancing sugarplums (whatever those are) and when pilots have to be on the lookout for flying reindeer who weren’t considerate enough to have glowing noses. Show your appreciation for “The most wonderful time of the year” by decking the halls of GV!

5.) Wreck the halls snowman:


Making perfect circles for your snowmen can be tedious work. With the wrecking ball, however, you can pack on the sparkling snow and create the best one segment snowman anyone’s ever made.

What you’ll need: a carrot, two lumps of coal (can substitute for big buttons), a top hat, an assortment of small rocks and hot glue. Optional: a vape.

4.) Snowflakes around the lakes:


Nothing says winter in Michigan like a bunch of unique, fluffy, white flakes, and no we don’t mean dandruff. If the Student Organization Center (SOC) won’t let you in to use their paper to cut into shapes, there’s always the free printing around campus for “free” paper. Print off some random paper you wrote for your class and let your real feelings about your assignment shine through with all the holes cut through the carefully crafted words you used to get that B-.

What you’ll need: an assignment, a printer, scissors, some imagination.

3.) Setting up for the big guy:


We’ve already had the reindeer come and prep for his arrival. We have construction all over the place as usual, so grab a few of your engineer buddies and raid any junk pile you can find in order to build a sleigh that’s full of festive cheer! See what you can do to lift it up on top of Kirkhof or the Student Services building to show it off to the whole school and just how much holiday spirit you really have.

What you’ll need: Whatever you can find around campus, A-class sneaking abilities, bravery.

2.) Make some chill friends:


Friends can be hard to come by anytime nowadays, but the winter makes it even more challenging as most people are hibernating away from the eye of the general public. Thankfully, here on the west side of Michigan we’ll have plenty of lake effect snow in order to make our own friends and the field in front of Zumberge is perfect for rolling yourself a little friend or 12. Make an army of snow friends to show other potential buddies just how chill you really are and share with others around campus.

What you’ll need: Lots of snow, thick gloves, time on your hands.

1.) A Christmas tree tower:



It may take a bit of climbing and supplies, but with a bit of hard work and imagination, our 10-story tall Cook-Carillon Clock Tower could become the Christmas tree we deserve.

What you will need: A crap ton of garland and some ornaments to decorate with, perhaps a star if you’re feeling up to climbing all the way to the top.

The holiday season can get stressful, but decorating can calm the mind and hopefully spread a little cheer around campus during our last few weeks of 2016. So grab some supplies and get to work on making campus merry and bright.

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