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6 DIY Halloween Costumes You Can Find at the Laker Store

You only have a week left until Halloween, and with that, comes the need to impress your friends with the coolest last-minute Halloween costume. Whether you’re going to a costume party or just sitting at home eating Halloween candy by your lonesome, having a costume is essential to having a spooktacular night. We know you’re all a bunch of poor slackers, so here are six costumes you can make at the bookstore cheap and quick!

6.) GV Alum:

This Halloween costume is super easy to pull off. Just grab some GVSU alumni gear, whether it’s a lanyard, t-shirt, or keychain, and just keep it on you all night. Be sure to talk about the insane amount of student loans you have to pay and how you still haven’t found a job yet. That way people will really understand your costume!

5.) Proud GVSU parent:

Another super easy costume, this one involves buying a GV mom or dad shirt and bragging about how your kid just made the dean’s list. If you want to go the extra mile, spend all night on “The Facebook” showing off pictures of Junior’s first day at school and reposting Minion memes. For you “dads” out there, crack open a cold one with the boys for your perfect Halloween 2k17.

4.) White-bagger:

This super-affordable costume will be the talk of any party. All you need is a white bag from the Laker Store, and you’ll be sure to make all your friends laugh as you mock campus tour groups getting their GV gear before being accepted. Even if they cringe instead of laugh, you’ll at least have a handy plastic bag for when the night gets a little too crazy and you need something to puke in!

3.) Overly-enthusiastic freshman:

Just deck yourself out in some Laker swag, ya know, hats, pompoms, a lanyard; anything that screams “I’M A LAKER IN CASE YOU DIDN’T KNOW BY THE FACT I LIVE ON CAMPUS.” You’ll have the best costume at whatever party you end up at. Bonus points if you try buying your booze with dining dollars!

2.) That senior who’s just “so over it:”

If being an excited freshie just isn’t your style, how about giving this lowkey costume a try? Dress in your oldest, most raggedy sweats, carry around some Starbucks (conveniently located next to the Laker Store), and pick out whichever GV sweater says “I just don’t care” the most.

1.) Sadness:

This costume will be sure to get all the laughs. All you have to do is get one of the textbooks from the upper level of the bookstore and carry it around with you all night. If people ask what you are, just give them your most depressed sigh and tell them you’re a student. They’ll be torn between laughing or just whispering “yikes” under their breath.

Whether you dress as your freshman self or just end up carrying around a plastic barf bag, these costumes are sure to spice up your Halloween! If you haven’t found a costume yet, don’t fear! The Laker Store has just what you need to keep your night spooky.


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