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6 F*cked Up Things That Ever Happened at GVSU

Maybe you’ve only been at GV for a year, or maybe you’re now a super senior, and in that case you’ve definitely seen some shit at this campus. Here are just 6 of the most fucked up things to ever happen at GVSU.

6.) Glenn Duffie Shriver (2011):

This guy’s one of GVSU’s most notable alumni. Shriver, otherwise known by his alias Du Fei, was convicted of conspiracy to spy for China. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to four years in prison in 2011. Bred at GV, wonder what classes he took?


5.) That time Turning Point USA filed a federal lawsuit against GVSU (2016):

Apparently GVSU “limits expressive activity to ‘two small speech zones'” and requires students gain permission for free-speech activities.  They said GVPD threatened them with arrest when the group tried to talk to other students about the First Amendment as they violated GV’s Code of Conduct. A spokeswoman for Grand Valley insists no lawsuit is taking place so who really knows what the f is going on.


4.) Whiteboard Incident (2014):

A few years ago, someone made racist slurs and drawings on a whiteboard hanging on the door of a female minority living in the dorms. People went crazy posting the photos on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. News outlets, such as the Huffington Post, reported on the incident while GVSU police and campus housing looked into the perpetrator, later learning that the person responsible for the racist messages was the owner of the whiteboard herself. Wtf?


3.) That time the naked dude rode the pendulum (2013):

It was once a commonality for students to take a ride on the “wrecking ball” of GV, but all it took was one naked guy’s Miley Cyrus impersonation for GVSU to scream “safety hazard” and build a fence around the pendulum.  Naked guy even made a Youtube video of his escapades that made national news. We’ll never be as cool as you naked guy, please respond to our emails. 


2.) When GVSU said dogs can live on campus but not guinea pigs (2013):

One of GVSU’s students living on campus sued the university as they denied her request to live with her guinea pig as an emotional support animal. GVSU won’t admit to violating any federal housing policies but gave the student $40,000 anyway just to settle the case. You can buy a lot of guinea pigs with that. 


1.) GVSU student died while playing basketball on campus (2011):

A student fainted while playing basketball with friends at GVSU’s recreation center. Officers used the on-site defibrillator but couldn’t revive the student who had earlier complained of chest pains. Medical examiners determined his death was of natural causes. Sad, and fucked up. 


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