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6 Hearty Drinking Games That Would Make a Sailor Like Louie Proud

There are two things people know about sailors: they curse a shit ton, and they love to drink. While our good friend Louie likes to keep it professional, we all know he gets down on the weekends. Here are some drinking games Louie would be proud to supervise:

6.) The Sweaty Boot:
This first game pays homage to our beloved Louie by acknowledging the struggles he faces. Being Louie is an honor and a privilege only few ever accomplish, but everyone knows the job comes with an unfortunate case of hot feet. Kind of similar to Most Likely, this game has you and your friends going around assigning Louie’s characteristics to one another, forcing them to drink. The final blow: who has the sweaty boot?

 5.) Anchors Up:
This is one for the people living on campus. You do a shot anytime the RA on duty walks by to check on you. Some dorms are lucky with RA’s that couldn’t care less, but those unfortunate enough to live in Copeland know the feeling of an overbearing, slightly older adult all too well.

4.) Stay Wet Lakers:
This one is perfect for the cold winter months! Any time we get a ridiculous amount of snow, listen to your fellow classmates. Every complaint about how we should have had a snow day means you drink. Wanna spice it up? Add in the number of times you see someone slip in the covered walkways.

3.) Darty Bus:
This one is risky and low-key gross, but whatever floats your alcoholic boat. Get a couple friends to hop on the 50 with you, inconspicuous water bottles filled with vodka in hand, and chug during the stops. This is a great way to pass the time on a Sunday, or a Wednesday afternoon if you hate yourself, but those who get motion sickness might want to pass.

2.) Midterm Sacrifice:
We’ve been in blissful denial about it, but midterms are coming. Gather up some of your pals and compare grades on Blackboard. The people with the best grades have to drink a lot to compensate for being so smart. The people with the lowest grades can join too, but that’s a little sadder.

1.) No, I Don’t Want Any:
Walk around Kirkhof and drink anytime someone tries to sell you something. You’ll get blitzed so fast that you won’t even be able to coherently say no. Maybe your stumbling around will be enough to get them to stop harassing you, but probably not.

Whether you’re willing to risk getting a MIP or public intoxication or not, these games are ones that we’re sure Louie did in his day before settling down to be the greatest mascot of all time. Follow in his footsteps and be sloppy!

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