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6 Reasons Your 85 Bus Driver Hates You

If you’ve been at GVSU for even a second, you know that people love to complain about the weekend bus schedule, and we agree. It’s awful, but not just for you, but for your driver too. If you’ve ever had a GVSU Rapid driver who seemed like they might hate you, they probably did, and here’s why:

6.) You’re always running late:

It was bad enough that your driver had to extend the usual route to include you, so when the 85 driver pulls up to Copper Beech (which already has an insanely long line) and he/she locks eyes with you as you run from half a block away, don’t get too upset when you’re left to wait a half hour for the next one.

5.) You’re too drunk to know what an inside voice is:

If you look up to see your bus driver swallowing a handful of Advil and glaring in your direction, it’s probably because you’re using your drunk voice. Whether you’re arguing with a stranger about whether or not T. Haas should actually run for president of the United States or just plotting which party to hit up next, remember to do so quietly. Your driver will thank you.

4.) You pull the stop for Kirkhof like he doesn’t know to stop there anyway:

Maybe you really have had too much to drink, but that’s no excuse! Don’t be this person. We get it, you’re ready to get off the bus, but your driver will double hate you. Unless it’s a new driver in the beginning of the year nervously asking you for directions (trust us, it’s happened), they know their route. Reminders from you will do nothing but make them regret their career decisions even more than they already have.

3.) You’re the super obvious freshman:

If the 85 picks you and your friends up in front of MAK and you’re all dressed like you’re way too cool for a winter coat, he/she knows. We all know.  Don’t think you’re getting away with anything, freshies! Everyone knows what you have hidden in that adorable GVSU “water” bottle, and that includes your driver.

2.) You made him/her stop just so you wouldn’t have to walk from Kirk to Mak:

We get it, it’s cold. But did you seriously just wait half an hour for the 85 to take you to a stop that’s only a five-minute walk away? The bus is already jam-packed with half of campus, so don’t be surprised if your driver shoots you dirty looks through the rearview mirror the whole 35-second trip.

1.) You don’t even say thank you:

If you’ve done any of the above and haven’t at least thanked your driver, they probably hate you. Of course, it’s better to just be a civilized person, but if you truly feel the need to antagonize him/her, at least say thank you! That way they can sleep peacefully knowing their job only kind of sucks.

If you’ve done anything off this list, we’re sorry to say that you most definitely made some poor bus driver’s shit list. Just know that when you see your driver glaring into your soul from the rear-view mirror, they hate you.


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