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6 Reasons You Won’t Regret Joining GVSU Greek Life

As the semester comes to a close, you may be wondering how you made it through an entire year at GVSU without making a single friend. Well, we can tell you for a fact that would not have been the case had you joined GVSU Greek life. GV’s sororities and fraternities are groups of big, happy (anti-hazing!) families, something most other schools with huge chapters most likely can’t relate to. If you want more friends and have been debating back and forth whether or not you should rush next fall, here are six reasons why you should definitely join GVSU Greek life:

6.) Trial parenthood:
If you’re 19 and having severe cases of baby fever, but at the same time aren’t 100% sure you’d be a good parent to a real-life kid someday, join Greek life and get a little! As a big, you basically get a free trial of parenting without the hassle of diaper changing and long, sleepless nights.

5.) Instagram love:
We know you’re tired of posting shameless selfies on Instagram only to get 30 likes max, two of which are from your parents. Going Greek will guarantee everything you post gets hyped up to the fullest by your fam, even if it is just a basic white girl quote or a picture of you posing with your sorority’s flag on the Grand Haven pier.

4.) Ability to get into parties:
If there’s one thing guaranteed from joining Greek life, it’s that you’ll never go to a party at the Sigma Pi house and be asked, “Who do you know here?” ever again. The more important question will likely be, “Who don’t you know here?” because you’ll have more friends than you’ll know what to do with.

3.) More appropriate social media:
Greek life rules are strict and don’t allow you to post any pictures with alcohol. Although this may sound bad at first, it forces you to withhold from posting the picture of you doing the keg stand, where your mom would see it and be let down (once again). So, in a way, joining Greek life will mend your rocky relationship with your real mom, while giving you a Greek mom at the same time–everybody wins!

2.) Lots of apparel:
Are you a sucker for t-shirts? And hats? And flags? Literally anything really with Greek letters on it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, joining Greek life is a must. You won’t even be a member for a day without getting a bunch of free goodies from bid night, not to mention all the gifts your big will give you!

1.) Good grades:
While a member of a Greek life chapter at GVSU, you’re required to maintain a certain GPA to be in good standing with your chapter. It’s great motivation to keep your grades up if you consider what’s at stake; the friends, the matching t-shirts, the fam goals, everything worth living for. So, if you want to join but are afraid you won’t be able to keep your grades up, you will, because your entire social status will depend on it.

We’ve heard a fair share of GVSU Greek life members on campus gossiping about how joining their chapters “totally changed their lives” so if you, too, would like to totally change your life, definitely make sure to sign up for GVSU’s next rush week!

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