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6 Resources GV Offers That are Actually Useless

We pay good money to go to GV. That being said, there are plenty of options and opportunities that GVSU offers students that are helpful in their daily lives. However, some of the resources GV offers are a complete waste of everyone’s time and money. Here are some absolutely useless resources that GV offers us:

6.) Whiteboard pep talks in Mary Idema Pew:
Finals week is hard and everyone knows it. Everyone who fills out the library during those long 24-hour study binges knows that they just have to “believe in themselves” or that there’s “nothing to it but to do it.” We don’t need to waste whiteboard space on it. Let’s just stick to people jotting down their entire semester’s notes for no reason (we get it, you’re in a science class).

5.) The ability to add on debit dollars:
This feature must be interesting to use. You buy a meal plan at the beginning of the semester and halfway through–oh no! You’re out of debit dollars. Better reload some in there! Wrong. You have to spread those bad boys out over 16 weeks. Even though it’s tempting, don’t spend them all on smoothies. At the end of the day, you won’t actually have money to reload debit dollars. Instead, you’ll just starve.

4.) The calendar on Blackboard:
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all your due dates and class schedules were imported into the calendar on Blackboard? Maybe we’re all pampered by the wonders of Google, but this calendar seems to just do absolutely nothing. However, in the event that you have absolutely no idea how to pull up a calendar elsewhere, Blackboard’s got you covered.

3.) The metered parking lots:
The metered parking lots by the Laker Store and Kirkhof are great for those 15-minute coffee trips or when you need to try to print something. They’re also a fun game for the parking services people for when they get bored ticketing other poor souls. Maybe they’ll start taking debit dollars, but probably not.

2.) Printers in Kirkhof:
These aren’t ALWAYS useless. The trouble is that when you need them, they are. You went to Kirkhof because it saved you a moment or two, but wait, the printer is out of order? It can’t find what you want it to print? And never mind trying to resend it on the computers they have, we all know those never work! Great, guess it’s back to the library anyway.

1.) Vegan Dining Options:
These are admirable honestly. Keeping the vegan population happy is tricky, especially when half the “vegan” options have dairy or eggs in them anyway. Most vegans are smart enough to eat off campus, but for those of you stuck eating vegan nachos at Fresh, we commend you. 

It’s nice that most things on campus are accessible and useful, and typically GV makes it easy to avoid human contact on your way to graduating (we all appreciate this more than we care to admit), but some things are just so glaringly pointless, they should just be disposed of.




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