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6 Theories About the Missing Tile at the Transformation Link

In case you walk ten miles out of the way to avoid the Transformation Link (don’t worry, we’ve all been there), you might not have noticed that the transformation tile underneath it has mysteriously gone missing. How could this be? We’re not entirely sure, but we do have several theories of our own as to why it’s gone missing.

6.) T. Haas took it as a retirement gift for himself:
We all know our beloved president, T. Haas, is leaving us come 2019. It only makes sense that he would’ve wanted something to remember his years of hard work and dedication at Grand Valley. We’d like to think this tile is hanging like a plaque somewhere in his house, but only T. Haas knows for sure.

5.) A student got rid of it to eliminate all the bad luck:
It’s no secret that the Transformation Link holds bad luck for anyone who decides to walk under its enormous blue arches. But where is this bad luck stored? The arches themselves? Or perhaps in this tile?? We’d like to think some Good Samaritan took the tile to help out their fellow Lakers, but more likely it was just stolen as a prank.

4.) It was taken to protest the protestors:
The Transformational Link is one of the free speech zones on campus. This means that people who don’t even go to Grand Valley are free to stand in front of it and tell everyone they’re going to hell (we all know this guy). Surely at some point someone got tired of this and decided to take matters into their own hands. It’s a pretty lame and ineffective protesting method, but hey, at least somebody’s doing something.

3.) It was a drunken mistake:
To whoever woke up hungover as hell with this tile on their nightstand, we’re onto you. Maybe this person went a little overboard with the whole “Get wet Lakers” thing, but it’s not too late to turn over what’s rightfully Grand Valley’s!

2.) A white bagger took it as a souvenir:
Who needs a sweater from the Laker Store when you can just take a tile for free? We certainly can’t think of a better souvenir. There’s nothing that screams “Laker” more than the Transformation Link, and this white bagger must’ve known this. So in case this person chooses GV, we’d like our tile back, please!

1.) It was a freshman who wanted to be on the news:
Several years ago, Grand Valley made the news when people decided to ride the wrecking ball. It was a big deal and even managed to make it on news stations outside of Michigan. Could it be that a freshman missed their 15 seconds of fame and is trying to take GV to the news again? We wouldn’t rule it out. Although, it’s only fair to note that this would NEVER work… it’s a freaking tile.

No one knows exactly where this tile went or who took it out. Whether it was an alcohol-induced accident or a weird parting gift to T. Haas, we’ll probably never know the answer.

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