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6 Things to Do at GV Before the Cold Kills Us All

Since it’s supposed to snow soon eventually maybe, here are a few things you can do to pass your last few days at GVSU before we all freeze to death.

6.) Binge-watch at Kirkhof:


With Kirkhof’s constant stream of movies in its theater room, you can sit back and watch the same movie on repeat all while in the comfort of large chairs and warmth. Bring some popcorn and you’re all set for a movie marathon.  You get the big screen experience and best of all, it’s free! Who doesn’t want to watch Buddy the Elf save Christmas a few more times before passing on?

5.) Build a blanket fort on campus:


Blankets can be molded in a multitude of ways, tying down the edges, folding and twisting, with the right amount of creativity anyone can make a fort to be proud of. Don’t have enough blankets? Stop by the Book Store in the Marketplace and borrow a few of those. Make a fort that any tired shopper can take a quick break in and spread the cheer before all our lives come to an end this winter. Or just nab a friend (and their blankets) and make it in the comfort of your home.

4.) Become GV’s mascot:


Surely everyone’s wondered at some point in time what it would be like to have Louie’s job if only for a day. Well, with your life coming rapidly to a close, it’s time to find out! Finding Louie will be the hard part, but once you do, it’ll be a great memory of walking  in his faux patent leather shoes, even as the cold freezes you over.

3.) Wreck the halls with photo ops:


In the glory days of GV, students were allowed to access the large metal pendulum by Henry Hall without having to climb over a five foot tall fence with security cameras trained on it. But with the end so close, it’s time to have a little fun. Take a swing on the wrecking ball for a memorable photo op. We’ll all be dead from frostbite soon anyway, so live life to the fullest while you still can.

2.) Climb the clock tower:


The clock’s ticking down until your last moments here at GV or anywhere else. Break into the Cook-Carillon to see how it really works! Fulfill your Notre Dame fantasies and give the ol’ bells a ring. Only every 35 minutes though to let people know they’re late or really early. Oh, and only while people are having important conversations.

1.) Sled into the ravines:


The snow will be tolerable for a little before the real cold kicks in. Take some time out of your last few hours to slide down the steep banks of the ravines in a sled! You don’t even need snow, those suckers are steep enough.  It’s a heroic way to go and your name will live on forever as the crazy kid who really embraced the finals mindset. If the snow refuses to fall, the ride will just be all the more bumpy and adventurous!

With so many things to do before we all succumb to the icy grip of winter in Michigan, it’s crucial that we have a little fun, we deserve it! So sled down the steep ravines at breakneck speed, take big risks or simply relax in a soft area with cocoa and movies. Either way you swing it, you’re bound to go out with a bang.

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