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6 Things to Do Before the Snow Falls on GV

Wintertime is fast approaching West Michigan which means snow will be falling any time now. When snow covers the ground, it brings an end to many different activities for those of us that actually leave the sanctuary of our rooms for more than class, work, or quick trips to Meijer. Not sure what to do outside before the cold flakes destroy any semblance of warmth around the campus? Here are a few ways to force yourself outside.

6.) Get lost in the ravines:


If you’re the type who loves nature or likes getting away from the majority of humans, walking down the dirt paths and looking up at the changing leaves is always a good way to destress from all of the upcoming tests and projects. It’s your last chance to enjoy the outside before you can’t leave your room without 30 blankets and tall boots.

5.) Fix your car:

If you’re one of the lucky individuals who has a car (but probably not always a proper parking space, let’s be honest) you may not necessarily have your car in the best condition. Now’s the time to fix it up before you’re stranded on the side of the road after spinning out due to the sheet of black ice that covers Lake Michigan Drive. Don’t have the cash just yet? Ask your family if you can get that Christmas money a few weeks earlier, who doesn’t love an early Christmas present?

4.) Go to class:


We know it may not be what you expected from this list but hear us out. Many classes only allow you a certain amount of absences before you fail the class. Why not save those free absences for times when the snow is piled up to your hips and even the 50 can’t make it through. You’ll thank yourself later.

3.) Pack yo’ shit on a home visit:


Packing for the semester is hard enough in late August, and chances are you’ve forgotten your winter coat and the majority of your sweaters back wherever you call home if you don’t still commute from there. Going home will give you the time to see more of the snow-less wonderland that you will be wishing was back come January. When you’re back at campus, you’ll be able to be bundled up in so many layers, you won’t be able to put your arms down due to all the stuffing.

2.) Stock your cupboards:


Because you won’t be leaving your living area anytime soon while the snow is on the ground, it’s important to make sure you’re well fed. If the weather has lasted well enough through Thanksgiving, you can stock up on cheap turkeys and stuffing to last you through the winter at Meijer or Family Fare or you can just cut the bullshit and head straight for the liquor aisle to keep you warm and in a delusional state of happiness.

1.) Wish your loved ones goodbye:


Even with food and warmth, face it, you’re gonna die here come winter. Make sure you say goodbye to your loved ones, telling them how much they mean to you. Give away your clothes and belongings, tell your dog you’ll miss him because you’ll never return.

Stock up on food and warm clothes and say goodbye to your friends and family: you probably won’t be seeing anyone but your crazy roommates for the next couple months.

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