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6 Unique Dishes You Can Only Make at Fresh Food Co.

Fresh is the only place on campus that offers the unique opportunity for students to eat as many plates as they want. In addition, you can mix and match your main dish with your side dish. Let’s not kid ourselves. You know why we’re here. It’s all about quantity over quality. You know it’s gonna be garbage either way, so why not make it interesting? Here are some “unique” dishes you can only make at Fresh:

6.) The Low-Calorie Salad:

This salad has often hailed as the “healthiest salad ever” with its crisp trio of spinach pieces and delicious ice cube dressing. This salad offering is well under 300 calories, so it’s perfect for anyone watching their calorie intake (WARNING: total calorie amount may increase per added spinach piece).

5.) The Breakfast Bar:

Breakfasts are probably the tastiest meals you can get at Fresh, but be careful. Eating too delicious of a meal might raise your standards way too high for next time you eat at Fresh. That’s why we suggest this breakfast sampler–it’s good because it’s breakfast, but it’ll still keep you on your toes! This breakfast bar features a greasy hash brown with 8 Froot Loops lodged in its side, and a scrambled egg on top (just in case your taste buds weren’t shocked enough).

4.) The Post-Workout Energy Smoothie Shot:

Many gym rats would argue, “PROTEIN IS POWER.” We beg to differ. This delicious shot includes uncooked pancake mix, maple syrup (for enhanced flavor), spinach, and ice cubes. Imagine Popeye eating spinach. Now imagine Popeye on steroids. That’ll be you after drinking this manly shot.

3.) The Gluten Only Pizza:

Ah, yes, the unlimited pizza is a staple dish of Fresh since the beginning of its time. Many Lakers have heard of Fresh’s gluten-free pizza, now get ready for gluten only pizza. Pizza, with everything on the side, or as we like to say, pizza at its prime.

2.) The Five Finger Produce Discount Club:

This really isn’t a dish, rather it’s a discount club that GVSU students get to participate in every time they go to Fresh. Grab as many bananas, apples, and oranges you can carry and walk out of the restaurant. Produce gets expensive, especially when you change your mind after purchasing and decide to chuck them on the rooves of living centers instead. This is the original Fresh-to-go meal option.

1.) The Ice Cream Cone Laker Bowl:

If you like Laker Bowls, boy you’re going to enjoy your Laker Bowl in an ice cream cone. First, pour a shitload of sprinkles into the cone. Second, once your cone is primed and ready, add mashed potatoes, corn, chicken, and cheese. Don’t worry; no one will judge you for it. In fact, they might even cheer you on for attempting to make something at Fresh slightly more flavorful.

Fresh has seen some improvements over the past three years. Even with the new aesthetics, we can still see through the fakeness. We all remember being a white-bagger, eager to eat as much as we wanted at Fresh. For that, Fresh still has a special place in our hearts.




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