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6 Ways to Get Fit at GVSU that Don’t Involve Going to the Rec

The GVSU Rec Center is nice, but it’s also always full of sweaty people who have abs and actually know what they’re doing. If you’re a Laker who has social anxiety, a victim of Fresh Food Co. or you just don’t know how to use any of the damn gym equipment, here are six alternative ways to get in your daily exercise on GV’s campus:

6.) Bust your own party:
You may not feel like a runner now, but when Absolute Security is chasing you down the street after they bust your party, you’ll never know you had that kind of speed in you. They’ll chase you for miles down 48th Ave before they give up, so you’ll always be sure to get a good workout in when you feel like reporting your own parties.

5.) Walk up the stairs of the MIP:
Nobody in their right mind takes the stairs up to the fourth floor of MIP because let’s face it, cutting your legs off would hurt less. However, if you need to get your cardio in, and the thought of going to the gym is just too horrifying, the stairs of the lib are your best bet. You’ll be panting and sweating in minutes!

4.) Playing Frogger while crossing the street:
Lakers drive like maniacs, this we know. So when you’re trying to cross the street to get to class every day, instead of waiting 15 minutes for someone to stop and actually let you cross, just go as soon as you get to the crosswalk. Dodging the cars like there’s no tomorrow (because there won’t be if you get hit) will boost your agility and have you sweating off those Laker Bowls in no time.

3.) Walk up the Cope Slope during winter:
This is a near impossible challenge that’ll take you several tries to complete. Walking up this icy hill of doom in the winter is the GV equivalent to walking up a down escalator in the mall. You’ll keep sliding down for hours, but once you do finally make it to the top, you’ll surely have some impressive leg muscles in the making.

2.) Swimming in the fountains:
Take “get wet Lakers” to the next level and get in one of the fountains and flop around a bit if you really want to get your heart rate up. Water aerobics is a good way to exercise because you won’t even get sweaty; you’ll just get abs.

1.) Doing pull-ups off the Little Mac Bridge:
Climb over the railing of the Little Mac, and do a few pull-ups to keep your arms in good shape. Since it’s still the beginning of the semester, you still have enough willpower to live, and the adrenaline rush of knowing you may plunge to your death at any moment will give you the strength to keep pulling yourself up.

Don’t let the freshman 15 get the best of you! If the gym here at GV makes you nervous, we hope you consider trying some of these alternative methods of working out to keep yourself in tip-top shape for spring break!

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