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7 Questions Campus Dining Employees Have for the GVSU Student Body

Campus Dining is a crucial part of GVSU living. From the insanely long Subway lines to the vomit-inducing stuff that Fresh calls “food,” Grand Valley students just wouldn’t feel the same without it. However, if you work in GVSU Campus Dining, you probably disagree and definitely have some questions for your fellow Lakers. Here’s a few of them:

7.) “Why do you all feel the need to stack 30 cups before putting them onto the conveyor belt?” Fresh:
For whatever reason, students at Fresh find it impossible to go a single visit without playing “Who can stack their cups the highest?” This sucks for the workers on the other side of the conveyor belt, trying to take the cup tower apart as the cups continue to move down the line. So if you see any Fresh employees covered in what looks like leftover chocolate milk, just look the other way.

6.) “Is it really worth it to stand in a line for 47 minutes just for some orange chicken?” Panda Express:
Apparently, the answer is yes–given how many students do this on a daily basis. Students who work at Panda probably have a hard time understanding this, but when your only other options are Fresh or whatever they’re trying to pass off as a burger at Grille Works, it’s hard to not want to go to Panda Express!

5.) “How many times do we have to keep telling you that you can’t buy a meal for a friend?” Fresh:
No matter how many times the cashiers at Fresh say that you can’t buy a meal for a friend, people still seem to ask. If they’re not asking, they’re probably insisting that they’ve done it before and that the cashier is a liar. We get it, pal. It worked four years ago, but that was then and this is now (also what are you still doing here?).

4.) “Do you actually think I know the nutritional information?” All:
We get it, Lakers. You’re watching your weight, and maybe some of you even have allergy concerns, but do you actually think any Campus Dining employees know what they’re doing? With a training period that lasts about ten minutes, don’t even be surprised when your gluten-free meal has some bread crumbs in it.

3.) “Why do we have to get stuck with all the kids buying Subway?” Java City:
Filling out that application for Java City, you probably thought you’d be able to relax, maybe sell an overpriced bagel once in a while. Little did you know, that you would actually be super busy, taking on the kids from the Lobby Shop, Java City, and even Subway? At least you can all sleep at night knowing you didn’t get stuck working at Fresh!

2.) “Don’t you have better things to do than bothering me at three in the morning?” P.O.D. C-Store:
Most likely, if you work at the P.O.D. in Kleiner you probably were just hoping to have an easy job where you could come in, sit behind a counter, and occasionally roll your eyes at freshies. That was before you realized it was open 24 hours, and that you’d be the one stuck there during the early hours of the morning, half asleep while one of your classmates is trying to buy a $5 bag of Doritos.

1.) “Does it look like I’m going to have a great day?” All:
Everyone always tells the Campus Dining employees to have a great day, but in truth, nobody in Campus Dining is having a great day. Cleaning up after hundreds of ungrateful students, doing dishes, and yelling at that one kid who keeps coming back for free samples is tough work. So, no–nobody’s going to have a great day.

Lakers, we know you mean well, but stop and think about it before you do something as questionable as building a cup tower (because why were you even drinking out of that many cups in the first place?). Either way, we’ve all been guilty of some of these things, so don’t be surprised next time a Campus Dining employee blurts out one of these seven questions!

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