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7 Signs You Should Ditch Your GV Tinder Match Before Summer

Young love is a powerful thing, but it can be hard figuring out if someone is relationship material or just a fling. Have you met someone on Tinder and are unsure on how to proceed with them going into the summer? Are you from opposite sides of the state, or both have crazy busy schedules with summer work? Here are some helpful signs that you should dump that match before your final exams next week:

7.) They didn’t spend the last of their debbies on you:
This is the ultimate test of a relationship. While everyone’s dollar count is running low, the end of the semester means spending the leftovers on anything and everything. If your lover stops by the C-Store but refuses to buy you something as small as a water, they’re not worth the effort of a long distance summer romance.

6.) They weren’t that upset over the news of T. Haas’s retirement:
If the person you matched with on Tinder didn’t go through the seven stages of grief or serve an extended stay in the fourth depression stage, after hearing that our beloved president is leaving come summer of 2019, they deserve no love. Ghost them like you’ve never ghosted before and post T. Haas selfies on all your social media platforms to prove your point.

5.) They admitted they like Fresh:
While not everyone can afford the luxuries of places like Qdoba or entertain the idea of getting a non-meal sub at the Lobby Shop, there are always better options than Fresh. Anyone that admits they like going there, or spends actual money to get in, is not someone you should be affiliating with. Don’t worry about being harsh when you end it, as they can eat all kinds of disgusting buffet garbage to numb the feelings.

4.) Every “date” is at their place in Laker Village:
It’s usually a red flag if someone never wants you to go to their place, but it’s an even bigger red flag if they never want to leave. While Laker Village is a great place to end the night, you definitely wouldn’t want to spend the whole night there. Granted, the nightlife in Allendale can be a little dry, but finding something to do that isn’t sitting on a couch with their roomies watching Rick and Morty would probably make for a much healthier relationship.

3.) They don’t have a car on campus:
Whether they’re on probation and aren’t legally allowed to drive or the only vehicles they have are their longboards, not having a car on campus sucks. Being forced to ride the busses with them to get anywhere will get old fast, and if they don’t have a car now, the chances of them being able to visit you during the summer are incredibly low.

2.) They transferred from SVSU:
While they came to their senses and came to the better Valley, this shows some serious issues with their decision-making skills and overall judgment. These people are the ones that claim they only cheated because they were drunk, despite only having one craft beer, or they don’t text for days and use the “busy studying” excuse. Once SVSU scum, always SVSU scum.

1.) They aren’t following The Black Sheep GVSU:
Not only does this mean they miss out on all the dank memes and hard-hitting lists, but that also means they aren’t connected to campus. As much as we all like to poke fun, GVSU is a great school and someone that isn’t connected to it shouldn’t be connected to you. Keep your space from this weirdo, but not before hacking their social media and liking our pages for them.

Tinder is fun to mess around with, but sometimes that messing around can make you catch feelings for the wrong person. If they’ve showed you any of these warning signs, it may be best to cut the cord sooner rather than later.




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