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7 Things at Grand Valley That Gave You Major Trust Issues

Just in case the stressors of college and the constant impending debt weren’t enough, there are plenty of things at Grand Valley that can ruin your faith in humanity on a daily basis! So if being a Laker didn’t make you question yourself enough as it is, these 7 things at GVSU will definitely give you some major trust issues.

 7.) When the Rapid changes routes:
It’s 5:00 p.m., you’ve been in class all day, and you walk up to that faithful 48 ready to go home. You throw your headphones in, and before you know it you’re… downtown? Great. How will you ever trust again?

6.) When you walk by Cook Carillon, and the bells scare the shit out of you:
Every 15 minutes, the bells chime, and if you find yourself nearby they’re gonna shoot some much needed adrenaline through your veins. Careful, though! In the last few weeks, those bells might send you into a stress frenzy.

5.) When you see your favorite dish on the menu at the Connection, and it’s suddenly a +2:
You’ve played your cards right, and made the effort to check what was being served, and then walked all the way over to the Connection to eat. What’s that, though? The B.O.B burger is a meal +6? Guess you’re eating a salad now!

4.) When you have a class in the Lake Halls and have to stress-walk past the trans link:
Will there be someone recruiting you to something you don’t want to join? Someone telling you why you’re going to hell? That tinder match you accidentally swiped right on? The opportunities are endless, but the trust is gone.

3.) When the elevator in MIP goes the wrong way:
Of course, you could pay attention to the light above the door, but you’re ready to go. There’s no worse feeling than trying to head to the fourth floor and mindlessly walking out the door into the atrium. A sick metaphor for your grades, huh?

2.) Your professor posted the online exam, and now Blackboard is down for “maintenance”:
We’ve all heard it: “The exam will be available right after the lecture is over.” You finally post up a couple hours before it’s due, and when you go to log in, there’s nothing but an error message and your tears on the keyboard.

1.) The weather says 50 degrees but the wind chill is -7 degrees:
No matter how many things happen at Grand Valley, the one thing you can never trust is the weather. When April comes around, not even your phone can tell you how it’ll feel outside. Might as well just wear that winter coat every day, just in case.

There’s a lots to do at GV to keep busy. Just in case group projects haven’t completely destroyed your sanity, there’s plenty to chip away at it on a regular basis. Maybe this list will help convince you to just stay in your room and study until finals week (you’re welcome).




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