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The Secret Menu at GVSU’s Argo Tea

Everyone knows about the “secret” menus at places like Starbucks or McDonalds. You read an article about it online and the baristas and cashiers work there so they should know more about that than you, right? Confusion be damned. Well now you can do the same at Argo Tea in the library! Here are five items on the secret menu that we at The Black Sheep have found for you.

5.) Indecision: 


So we’re college students, but that doesn’t mean we’re able to make up our minds all the time. Do we need the caffeine of coffee to stay up and finish that 15 page paper we haven’t even started on due tomorrow, or do we want to give up on that endeavor completely and just go to sleep with a nice relaxing chamomile? Let the drink decide for you by combining the two!  

Verdict: Not bad, actually…kinda…

4.) Under Tea Sea:


Who said there was such a thing as too many flavors? At Argo, bubbles are the way to go if you want a drink but are also sort of hungry. Why not try all the different kinds of bubble flavors in one exotic, bubbly drink? You’ll just have to make sure you get there fast, the bubbles can come and go quickly from Argo’s arsenal of flavors.

Verdict: There were so many jelly bubbles. Who could ask for more?

3.) The Melting Pot:


Ok, so you’ve decided that you want tea. Good. Now which kind? Black? Green? White? Fruity? Dark? Light? There are so many different kinds of teas, it’ll make your head spin if you aren’t familiar with what you like. Why not just kill all the birds with one stone…or cup? Ask for a mixture of all the possible teas. Relaxing chamomile with caffeinated black tea plus all the green and white teas they have! What’s the worst that could happen?

Verdict: Magnifique! The different kinds of tea actually made a good blend. Seriously, try it for yourself and get hype.

2.) The Sugar Rush:


For those who have a sweet tooth, this drink is the one for you. You can have this with any of the sugary-based teas (we used the Chocolate Mint Teapuccino). But it doesn’t end there!  

A quick trip to the small stand across from Argo will present you with a plethora of sugar in all kinds of forms.  Small and large grains of sweetness or even honey, adding this will give you that extra boost of energy you need, but just be warned about the crash afterwards and the fact that depending on the amount of sugar you add in, you may need to eat the tea rather than drink and/or get a shot of insulin.

Verdict: The tester for this one may have a temporary lapse of judgement and went all out: their heart beat so fast it was like it stood still. It’s still uncertain if they will recover from the experience. Tread with caution.

1.) Michigan Weather:


Is it going to be hot or cold? Depends on what minute of the day you’re asking about really.  This same concept will apply to your new tea concept when you order Michigan Weather.  Ask the barista to mix a hot and cold tea together, of varying types or not, that’s up to you to decide. The confusion of temperature in your mouth will match the temperature confusion around you as it rises back to 70 degrees after a nice relaxing… snowfall?

Verdict: It was a lukewarm mess of failure and strangeness, it reminded us of college, really.

So if you’re just starting out trying this new tea craze or you make a habit of bathing in tea daily, trying new things can be scary but we know this guide will help you in your adventure towards tea greatness!


Posted by The Black Sheep on Monday, October 17, 2016

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