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Are You Smarter Than: Writing Center Consultant Teresa Williams?



The Earth: Summer occurs because the Earth is titled 23.5 degrees on its what?

Movies: This summer 2015 blockbuster is currently the 4th highest grossing movie of all time.

Food: This type of meat derives its name from being able to be stored without refrigeration, even in summer.  

Monuments: Because metal expands in heat, this world-renown monument becomes 6 inches taller in the summer.

Events: What astronomical event happens every year between June 20 and June 22?

Music: What artist’s most famous song is “Love to Love Ya Baby”?

Holidays: The 4th of July was first celebrated in this year.

Months: This summer month was named after Julius Caesar.

Fashion: Summer fashion dictates one can wear this clothing item between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Language: How does one say “summer” in Spanish?


Correct Answers:

1.) Axis

2.) Jurassic World

3.) Summer sausage

4.) Eiffel Tower

5.) Summer Solstice

6.) Donna Summer

7.) 1777

8.) July

9.) White pants

10.) “Verano”


Teresa’s Answers:

1.) Its Axis

2.) Shit, I didn’t see any movies over the summer! Was it Age of Ultron?

3.) What the fresh hell? Is it salami?

4.) Eiffel Tower

5.) The Summer Solstice

6.) Is it Donna Summers?

7.) What the actual fuck? Who knows this? 1785, ’cause that was like two years after the Revolutionary War ended.

8.) July

9.) White pants, which is weird, like no one should wear white pants ever because they’re so easy to stain
10.) “El Verano”




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