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6 Best Places To Get Super Duper Baked At GVSU

We know a lot of people like getting high, especially us here at The Black Sheep. That’s why we compiled this list of the best places to get high at GVSU as hell on campus. Campus weed thing6.) Freshmanland:



Obviously this is the best place to smoke dank if you’re trying to boost your self-confidence. Want a ton of lil babies looking at you like you’re the coolest person to ever step foot in freshmanland? Hit the blunt a few times in front of Kleiner and you’ll be the talk of all the freshmen parties. Another upside to smoking here is that once you take your last hit, Qdoba is only a few feet away.

5.) The Arboretum:


The Arboretum is the perfect place to take you, your bong and some sick kush to light up. Smoking in nature would be so, like, spiritual. You could even bring some shrooms back there too if you really want to trip yourself out. But be careful out there you GV stoners, GVPD likes to snoop in the Arboretum with flashlights late at night and there’s a good chance they won’t be asking for a hit off the ol’ bong. But it’s the adrenaline of doing something you’re not supposed to with a chance of getting busted that will make your high that much better.

4.) Laker Village:

laker village

Everyone in Laker Village is either getting high right now or has been high continuously throughout the semester. If you want to feel like you’re back at home, smoking out of your window so your mom doesn’t smell it, go to Laker Village. You’ll still be smoking out of the window but instead of your mom catching you, you’ll just be worried about the next-door neighbors who may or may not rat on you. Keep your wits about you, but still, enjoy that dank.

3.) The Baseball Field:


Throwback to high school when the weird kids (probably you) would sit underneath the bleachers of the baseball field and smoke dirt-cheap weed! This is the perfect place to smoke if you’re feeling nostalgic about the days when you could show up to your high school AP class high as shit and still get an A. Those days are long gone but you can still enjoy a few bowls by the baseball field here at GVSU with your weird friends.

2.) Calder Arts Center:


The Calder Arts Center is basically a pothead’s dream smoke spot. There are so many abstract art pieces to look at that will literally blow your mind when you’re stoned. This is also where you should go to buy your weed. Just look for a guy with a trench coat and Doc Martens on. He’s definitely got kush on him and is probably just looking for some human interaction so hit him up!

1.) Zumberge Pond:


Zumberge Pond is literally the chillest place on campus and, therefore, the perfect place to take a dab. After you’re super stoned, you’ll be able to stare at a small body of water for an extended period of time; a dream come true. There’s even a fountain that’s sometimes on, sometimes off so you’ll either be scared or excited when water begins to shoot out of the pond. No one will look twice when you hit your dab here because there’s a good chance those hippies that are sitting on the cement slabs (stairs?) next to the pond are stoned too.

No need to thank us, Lakers, we’re merely doing God’s work to make your lives just a little better.

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