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Guide to Finding Pokémon on GVSU’s Campus



With a large outbreak of new Pokémon trainers on campus, there’s now a great reason to get off our lazy bums and go outside for once. But where can you find each elusive Pokémon? Luckily, we at The Black Sheep are here to help and have done extensive research to show you where you can try your luck on GV’s campus to help you look a little less stupid confusedly roaming around.


Psyduck – Mackinac Hall




This yellow ducky can be found imitating stressed students in Mackinac Hall which just happens to be where most math classes are held, coincidence? We think not. You know the pose, hands on your head, crossed eyes glazing over at the sheer amount of work your professor assigned but never went over…



Ditto – Student Services Building




This cute little glob of potential can be located around the Student Services building. Learn to transform into a promising student with a possible future in whatever field you want just like your new jelly-consistency friend.



Drowzee – Mary Idema Pew Library




These Pokémon are quite easy to come by on campus. Although found especially in the Mary Idema Pew Library, some professors tend to draw these Pokémon more than others to their classes. Feeling sleepy?  It’s not your fault, it’s just a Drowzee using hypnosis on you.



Gastly – Freshman Land




You can find these first gen. ghost types in Freshman Land, where the highest density of lost hopes and dreams can be found.  A Gastly is created from the first failed grades of a freshman and the brutal realization of how screwed they really are for the real world.  It’s time someone finally did something about the increasing number of wandering failed-exam-specters.



Grimer – Stink Trees




Our resident poison type is one of the few special finds.  That means there are certain requirements that need to be met in order to find them.  These Pokémon only appear in the springtime around the “garbage trees” that are found between the Connection and VanSteeland.  The reason behind the stench of the blooming trees is thanks to all the sentient sludge piles that have been living there.  Now’s the time to clear the air, go catch yourself some monsters to save your fellow students’ noses.


Articuno, Zapdos or Moltres – T. Haas




Another one of the special requirement Pokémon are the three legendary birds.  As mascots of each team, you are only able to find your own team’s mascot unless you beat 100 gyms of each of the other teams in order to access the other two birds.  However, they’re not named legendary for nothing.  The key to finding these birds is to find T. Haas first. Aiming the camera at our beloved president will show one of these birds perched majestically on his shoulder.


Gloom – Finals




Gloom also has special requirements to be found on GV’s campus.  This plant Pokémon only comes out during finals week when students themselves start to resemble the creature both in name and appearance.  If you see the lackluster gaze of your fellow students with a line of drool hanging from their mouths as they imitate a vegetable, you can be sure a Gloom is nearby.  


With a plethora of monsters to tame, there’s not much time for studying.  So get out there and let out your inner child that has been curled up in the deep recesses of your mind as you’ve tried to brave the real world. Exploring GV’s Allendale campus will be a great step in becoming the best Pokémon Master there ever was. Just remember to keep an eye out for a certain red scaled fish, we got 101 problems and they’re all Magikarp.


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