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Build Your Own GVSU Campus Dining Thanksgiving Dinner

Everyone knows that Thanksgiving is the best food holiday, but what happens when you’re stuck on campus for the long weekend? The last thing you want to do is spend the day warming up three types of ramen. Here’s how to take GVSU Campus Dining food and turn it into a holiday feast!

The main course:

Naturally, the staple for any GVSU meal is a Laker Bowl. It’s a classic, with the burnt remains of crispy chicken, lumps of mashed potatoes, melted Meijer cheese, and fluid that’s probably gravy. So long as you haven’t already burned yourself out on them every Friday night, this will be the perfect replacement for turkey. Well, it’ll be a replacement at least.

The side dishes:

Why not shake things up with a little foreign flavor? Replace the green bean casserole with a build-your-own pasta: the consistency looks the same.

Substitute a Panda bowl for the stuffing: your stomach won’t be able to tell the difference.

Plus, the mystery fish in the sushi you grab from Kirkhof will pair nicely with the mystery sauce of the Laker Bowl.

The dinner rolls:

Tired of just having bread and butter to accompany all the other comfort food on your plate? Why not shake things up by getting your rolls at Subway! Whatever sandwich you get, you can just take the bread and roll it up. It’s probably soaked up enough flavor to make things interesting. Just be careful you don’t accidentally bite on something too hard.

The dessert:

Pumpkin pie is overrated. Change it up this year with some macarons from Argo and a f’real milkshake. Yeah, the macaron filling is questionable at best, and you’re not even sure what’s in any given milkshake, but you have to satisfy your sweet tooth somehow. You can pretend that the goop in your f’real cup is sweet, sweet pie filling to distract from the fact that you could literally be eating anything else.

The leftover sandwiches:

The only part that might be better than Thanksgiving dinner is making sandwiches from the leftovers. Well, Campus Dining has you covered there too! Just grab a turkey panini from Argo: they’re made of leftovers anyway. Hopefully the first bite you take doesn’t make the entire sandwich fall apart or make you shit your pants.

Your Thanksgiving guest:

Why would you ever think eating this much campus food in one sitting is a good idea? What were you thinking? The toilet’s about to be your new best friend for the next four hours. At the very least, it won’t ask annoying, prodding questions like, “When are you graduating?” like your Aunt Karen does.

It can be rough missing out on family and homemade food during the holidays. Thankfully, Campus Dining won’t let you go hungry! Even if your colon will hate you later, it’ll be worth it.

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