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How to Communicate with a Potential GVSU Fraternity Lover

It’s no secret that a majority of students at GVSU belong to a fraternity or sorority, even though they go to great lengths to be discrete for all of 10 minutes. While most brothers and sisters date like the Greek gods, there’s still a chance for unaffiliated girls to get an in. Below are some top tips to get in on the brotherhood without having to go through rush.

6.) Discuss your love of sports often: Okay, not every frat guy’s going to be a hardcore sports fan, but it’s a decent conversation starter. Even if you’ve never touched a football in your life, just talk about the Lakers and their “best season.” With any luck, you’ll get him talking enough that you can hide your lack of knowledge.

5.) Ask him about his brothers:If the sports are a no-go, there’s always one key conversation topic: his fraternity. Frat bros love to talk about their frat. Even if you’re not sure what frat he’s in, it’s a safe question to ask. It’ll make you sound like you’re in the loop despite not knowing the difference between Kappa Sig and Sigma Pi.

4.) Talk about how much you love charity work:Because GVSU isn’t the biggest party school, sororities and fraternities have a more outward focus on philanthropy (at least in theory). So even if all you’ve ever done was babysit your neighbor’s kids so they could have a night off, talk about how much you love giving back to the community to make it seem like you actually do something worthwhile. Pro tip: this also helps with job interviews.

3.) Talk about craft beer: Talking about craft beer with frat bros in the beer capital of America is always a smart move. Even if you’ve only ever seen the Grand Rapids Brewing Company on your way to better restaurants, ask him what his favorite craft beer is. You’ll get one foot in the door, and if you’re going to get drunk, you’ll get drunk in style.

2.) Offer to clean his frat house:This conversation depends on how much you want this guy. Yeah, it’ll make your life a lot harder to clean a house shared by dozens of guys who come in and out at random intervals, but how many other girls would be willing to go that extra mile? You may not even have to do it: just the offer alone will be enough to make some frat guys swoon.

1.) Dress up as Louie the Laker for his next frat party:At GV, the only person more popular that T. Haas is Louie the Laker and this will really show your commitment to GV, just like his commitment to his frat. It may take some work to get the suit, but if you can pull this off, you’ll have any frat guy you want. You’ll make a run-of-the-mill frat party look like an official, GV-sanctioned event. Besides, you’ll get to make Louie twerk all night long, and that’s all anyone has wanted to see.

Courting a frat guy when you’re not in a sorority is an uphill battle. You’ve got droves and droves of competition, but hopefully, these tips will give you the edge!


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