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5 Ways to Distract Yourself from Homework at GVSU

College is a time for figuring out your life and hitting the bottles… err we mean books… sorta. So it’s no surprise when those readings or exercises are put on the back burner and forgotten about as life takes over. Not that we’re questioning your ability to talk yourself into believing that what you’re doing really is more important than what your professor assigned you, but if you’re ever out of ideas or want some new ones, here are five ways to distract yourself from doing your homework at GVSU.

5.) Check the mail:


For those of you in the Murray or Vansteeland, any packages you may receive are now conveniently located a mere half an hour walk on the other side of campus. Don’t have a car but need to pick up that new TV you just ordered off of Ebay for cheap? Better hope you have some strong, or simply very committed friends to help you lug the thing back across campus. Getting the mail can take the better part of the afternoon and is a great excuse for putting off that assignment until the last possible minute.

4.)  Food trip:


Everyone knows eating is important, anywhere from (first) breakfast to elevenses to supper, people understand that when working, food breaks are a must to keep going. Why not take this socially acceptable break in our busy world by going to one of the many campus dining locations? Timing a trip to Crave could allow you all the time you need to browse Facebook as you wait in line for your bowl of rice and chicken. After all, it is a necessity, it’s not your fault that you’re not doing work, you’re just making sure to take care of your body, right?

3.) Use social media:


Speaking of Facebook, what better way to get your mind off of all the work you have to do than browse pages such as Overheard at GV or Free and For Sale? You can look at what other students are trying to get rid of that you can buy with your own dwindling source of money. Either that or try and laugh along with and at your fellow Lakers in things overheard or seen on campus. This could take an hour minimum and is certainly a great mind distractor.

2.) Lay your ass down:


Ever notice that flat surface of cushions under the staircase in the atrium level of the Mary Idema Pew Library? It’s the perfect location, hidden from view by most except for those exiting the bathrooms and the overhang will give you a protected feeling as you snooze away, reminding you of simpler times when you didn’t have to sneak away from your laptop guiltily just in order to get a few winks of sleep. Shut off your mind, don’t think about your work, you deserve a nap once in awhile.

1.) Hit up the rec center:


Technically you’re still working with this one… just building your muscles rather than your resume or GPA. Head on over to the Rec Center and hop on the stationary exercise bikes that will get you just as far in your education as they would as an actual mode of transportation. Some people study at the gym but this isn’t for you!

Remember, college isn’t all about your workload, it’s about preparing for the big world in all aspects, and that includes living a life apart from those expensive books you’ll never see once released from the gates of education. So whether you’re sleeping the day away or hitting the gym, there are plenty of other things to do that isn’t your homework when you need a break.


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