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What Donald Trump Would Tweet If He Came to Grand Valley

We all know that our president has an itchy trigger finger when it comes to social media. Some of his tweets over the years have been real gems. Others have put our nation on the brink of nuclear war. No big deal, though. We think if President Trump ever visited GVSU, he’d want to spend the whole day on his phone like the rest of us. Here are some examples of what his tweets might be about:

6.) A slightly passive-aggressive tweet about GV winters:

Only Trump could find a way to call out a North Korean dictator when talking about something as trivial as the weather. We get it, our winters are enough to put anyone in a sour mood, but only Trump would feel the need to bring politics into it.

5.) A bitter message to campus dining:

No one likes to pay extra for anything, not even Trump. We can only imagine the look on the poor student manager’s face if they ever had to explain to Donald Trump what a meal +$1 is.

4.) Just plain bragging:

Well, we can’t argue there, but is name calling really necessary? Sure feels that way to the Donald!

 3.) Yet another complaint about “fake news”:

Leave it to Trump to find a way to insult The New York Times on a college visit. He might not be good at a lot of things, but he sure knows how to insult.

2.) A competitive tweet about T. Haas:

We’re going to have to stop you there, Mr. Trump. No one will ever be a better president than T. Haas, especially not you. #NotOurPresident

1.)A tweet just to name drop:

Trump’s got friends all over the map, even here in Allendale. Who knew?

Allendale is a great town, but Trump would have a few things to say about it if he ever decided to take a visit. You know what they say: make Allendale great again! #MAGA

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