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What Does Your Favorite GVSU ‘Study’ Spot Say About You?

As GVSU finals approach, every Laker in the valley is making mental preparations as to where they’re going to choose to hide away for the next couple of weeks to “study” for exams. Some of them will book as many rooms as they can in the library and others will spread themselves across other parts of campus, hoping it’s not as busy as MIP will be. Regardless of what you choose, each spot says something about your personality. Here are 6 common study spots and what they say about the Lakers who study there:

6.) Mary Idema Pew:
If you choose to study here, you want to succeed. Going here is the first step, although we know you’re really only there so you can use the Snapchat filter and prove to all your friends you’re “such a good student.” While your intentions are good, we all know you’ll end up fooling around in your study room all day. When you’re typing away on your MacBook, everyone will know you’re really texting your boo, not writing a strenuous paper. It’s the thought that counts, though. Good first step!

5.) Your dorm room:
Let’s be honest. If you didn’t have the willpower to leave your bed, are you really going to have the willpower to study? We’ve all been there; you think you’ll be able to study in the comfort of your home, but five minutes into chapter one of your textbook you’re using it as a pillow and snoring. Classic move; we applaud you.  

4.) The Connection:
It’s way too loud here to study since the entire track team is somehow always here, so why do people even attempt it? You didn’t come here to study. You came here to “whine and dine,” a.k.a. grab lunch and bitch about your finals to anyone who cares–with your laptop out and opened to a word document to make yourself look studious, of course.

3.) The Rec Center:
We’ve seen our fair share of poor Lakers at the gym with their books propped up onto the treadmills as they run. You aren’t fooling anyone. Your textbook is doing nothing here but soaking up the sweat that’s dripping from your face, probably blurring the pages so you’re unable to study from it later AND prevent you from selling it back to the Laker store for eight cents after the exam. You’re a wannabe multi-tasker, but we appreciate the effort and dedication (at least you left your bed).

2.) An off-campus coffee house:
If one of Grand Rapid’s many coffee houses is your go-to study spot, you probably bring a bunch of friends along with you, and take a lot of pictures of you holding your coffee with your laptop in the background, captioned “Study Grind.” In this span of several hours, maybe, just maybe, you’ll get an assignment or two done (we doubt it though). While you may not be the most productive studier, you use your “study time” to do other productive things such as take aesthetic Instagram photos. We approve.

1.) The Arboretum:
You perhaps may be the most dedicated studier of all, because we both know it’ll still be snowing during exam week, but that snow won’t stop you from hanging your hammock from the ice covered trees and putting in work. You know out here will be the quietest place to work since nobody else wants to be outside during a blizzard. We give you props for putting your grades before your physical health, and hope nobody else has the same idea.

Whether you’re studying at the library, your dorm room, or at some other random, unproductive place, we know that when it comes down to it, no matter where you choose to go, you’ll goof off the entire time and get absolutely nothing done anyway! But isn’t that what college is all about? Good luck stu-DYING, Lakers, you’re gonna need it.




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