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Top 10 GVSU Lobby Shop Purchases to Bring to Friendsgiving

Now that it’s almost time for Thanksgiving break, everyone is having Friendsgiving parties. With lots of food and all your closest friends there, these can be some of the best parties of the year! Surely you want to go, but your bank account says otherwise. What could you possibly bring to feed 15+ hungry college students? Well, worry no more! You can easily find all you need right at the GVSU Lobby Shop for just a few Dining Dollars. Here are some suggestions.

10.) Chips:

Too busy preparing homemade pumpkin pies and green bean casseroles, your friends will forget all about appetizers. Luckily they have you to keep them from starving before the main course is ready! Besides, your friends will be too distracted with hunger to even care about how little you tried.

9.) Some fake-ass lasagna:

It might taste like burnt garbage, but hey, it’s better than nothing. Never mind that your friends spent all day slaving over homemade dishes. If they’re bitter about it, just remind them that it’s not in the spirit of Thanksgiving to care about those kinds of things. They might kick you out, but just make sure to snatch a plate of some real food before you go.

8.) Oreos:

With turkey being the main focus, someone’s bound to forget the dessert. Good thing they have a friend like you to keep their meals balanced! Sure it’s only a tiny package of cookies, but after eating so much savory food, your friends will be dying to get a hold of something sweet, even if it’s only enough for each person to get half a cookie.

7.) Kraft mac and cheese:

Sure, it’s just a box of mac and cheese, but who doesn’t love this stuff? All it takes is a good 15 minutes of your time and a few Dining Dollars, and your friends will be over the moon with your food-bringing skills. It’s the perfect way to keep your friends happy while still indulging in the actual good food that they all made.

6.) Paper plates and cups:

Everyone will bring food, but how will anyone eat it if they don’t have anything to eat it with? That’s where you come in! Try bringing some paper plates and cups to show your friends just how thoughtful you are. The best part is that you don’t even have to waste perfectly good Netflix time making an overpriced casserole dish.

5.) Sushi:

Everyone eats turkey on Thanksgiving, but why do that when there’s already-made sushi in the Lobby Shop? Branch out this holiday and eat something you’ve actually bought like 1,000 other times. Your friends don’t need to know that though. You can just let them believe you’re cool and innovative.

4.) Frozen pizza:

Your friends are young and have no idea what they’re doing when it comes to cooking a turkey. Something is bound to go wrong, but that’s okay because they have a responsible and thoughtful friend like you to bring in the frozen pizzas when shit hits the fan.

3.) Drinks:

Everyone brings some kind of food to Friendsgiving parties, but not you! With all the food being consumed, your friends will want something to drink, and the Lobby Shop has plenty of ‘em. Then again, they’re basically all a single serving size, so maybe everyone can just watch you drink instead. It’s not like you had the money to buy everyone expensive Lobby Shop tea anyway.

2.) Life Savers mints:

Ever been to a fancy restaurant where they give you a mint after eating? Us either! We’re all way too broke for that, but your friends will get the idea. Not to mention, they’ll all be super impressed with your fine dining skills… you’re welcome.

1.) Bagel Bites:

Just like with the chips, appetizers are important to having a well-balanced meal. Your friends probably forgot all about this, but that’s okay. They have you to show up and educate them on the importance of Bagel Bites, regardless of all the dirty looks being shot in your direction.

Friendsgiving can be lots of fun, but it can also be super stressful trying to gather enough change from the couch cushions to make a measly pecan pie. So instead of breaking the bank, try the Lobby Shop. For just a couple Dining Dollars, you can impress your friends with anything from stale Doritos to a tiny bottle of Coke, and really, what more could you want out of a Friendsgiving party? 

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