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5 GV-Inspired Gifts to Give on a Student Budget

With the Holiday season comes the inevitable gift-giving. In order to prove to your friends and family that you actually appreciate them, or to at least give the socially acceptable appearance of such feelings, it’s important to remember the importance of gift giving. The time honored tradition of buying gifts they’ll just return the next day for store credit is stressful at best and as college students, wallets can be tight around this time of year. That’s why The Black Sheep’s here to help relieve some tension and hopefully save you some cash and the agony of coming up with ideas for your holiday shopping.

5.) Food for the soul:


For those of you who have meal plans, this is a very simple way to appeal to the foodie in your friend circle or family. There are sure to be weeks, if not every week that some meals go unused, why not hit up one of the stores around campus and load up on Pop-Tarts, cereal, and juice as meals for friends back home?

It’s a great way to say “I care about you and your appetite.” Campus Dining even has an assortment of perfectly polished utensils for your convenience. Spoons? Check. Forks? You bet. Knives as dull as an undergrad’s mind during finals? They’ve got you covered.

4.) A piece of nostalgia:


Why not take a page from your childhood and go with a classic picture of you and Santa for your parents? However, they’ve most likely got a collection of the iconic pictures already, so why not spice it up by dressing up as Santa yourself and scouting out none other than T-Haas, our beloved president, for a photo op? No matter how you stage the photo, it’ll be sure to draw an interest from friends and family, and show your initiative for unique gift-giving.

3.) A GV plushie:


For those with any crafting talent, this is sure to be a big hit with your friends. Make a plush Louie for your friend to curl up with during the cold seasons. Heck, why stop there? Make a T-Haas plush if you’re up to the challenge! The recipient will always have a smiling face to look towards if they need one this time of the year.

2.) Footrest, courtesy of the library:


You’ll need to be sneaky with this one and you’ll also have to either have wire cutters or be very patient with a sharp pair of scissors to cut the security cord attaching them to the new staggered seats with built in lights along the stacks of the third floor. But in the end your friend will have a lovely foot or butt cushion all at no cost to either of you! Just try not to get caught sneaking it out under your shirt.

1.) A work of art:


There are hundreds of art pieces around campus, just begging to be taken off the walls of the boring and lonely corridors of the varying buildings into a loving home; be it the large, slightly disturbing painting at the end of Kirkhof’s second floor, or one of the more portable pieces that decorate the insides of housing buildings such as Murray or VanSteeland. While you’re in the International House, maybe snag one of the flags that are always hanging around, it could be a good decoration for your community college bro’s wall back home.

Whether you make a gift of breakfast foods or a work of art, there are many gifts to buy without spending much (or any) money. With these gift ideas, you’ll not only save on your limited budget, you’ll also give your friend or family member a unique gift that you won’t have to worry about getting a duplicate, because your gift will truly be one of a kind.


If you’re saying you’ve never experienced DADs, well, you’re lying:


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