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Where Should You Go for Spring Break Based on Your GV Major

The one week of the winter semester that GV students have been looking forward to since January 8th has arrived, spring break. However, it’s also the source of stress for those too indecisive to make any decisions about where you’ll be spending money you don’t have. The time is running out to plan your needed get-away, so here are some GV major influenced ideas for you:

10.) Art history:
Art history majors are the ones you see in the CAC building wearing berets and overalls, sipping their Kombucha out of a glass mason jar and listening to their sad white people music loud enough for everyone in the room to experience the angst. They should spend their spring break in a foreign country that helps their creativity flow, like Amsterdam. The beauty of the city will only be exemplified by all the legal dope they can smoke, resulting in the trip of a lifetime they will never stop “casually” mentioning.

9.) Marketing:
Marketing majors should honestly keep their money and focus their efforts in practicing their skill by not going anywhere but making it seem like they’re somewhere luxurious anyway. Get a spray tan and visit Zumberge Pond. With the right angles you could pull off an Instagram post about your super amazing time in the Caribbean. You don’t have to go anywhere to look impressive; you just have to be a master of deception, filters, and clever hashtags.

8.) Hospitality and tourism management:
Open your home via Airbnb to other people going on spring break and listen to their stories of their homeland instead of going anywhere. Granted, the chances of anyone choosing to spend a week in Copeland or Kistler is super, super low, but why not try and earn a little cash back? The debbies are running low this time of year, so any extra cash is appreciated.

7.) Nursing:
These sweet, sweet angels have already signed up for the Alternative Breaks program to help people all across the country. Nursing students are the nicest people you’ll ever meet and their spring break adventures will reflect that. Of course, spending several hours in a crowded van ride to North Carolina might change that, but at least they’re willing to take the risk!

6.) Biology:
Honestly, the bio majors need a break. They need to go somewhere fun and warm, like California, to get their minds off the cold, shitty lives they have here in Allendale. The booze and nightlife should help them get their stress levels down, even if it means they neglect the pile of homework waiting for them back in their dorms.

5.) Exercise science:
Exercise science majors are all going to Miami and might extend their stay by a couple weeks. This is the major all the athletes on scholarships go for, so the grades aren’t the biggest concern for them. Time is but an illusion to them as they’ll stumble back into classes two weeks before finals wondering if the professor can round their 37% to a 71%.

4.) Political science:
Washington DC is the perfect location for these pre-professionals. They get to visit and tour all of the government buildings, seeing in-person how fucking crazy it all is. This is where they can all collect the information and opinions they’ve gathered from their time in school and battle it out, resulting in an ultimate debate that nobody asked for.

3.) Engineering:
The engineering majors need to go somewhere that will appeal to their childlike sense of wonder but also give them the capabilities to create something mind-blowing. The solution is the Lego store in Chicago. Here they will be able to geek out and play with toys without everyone thinking there’s something wrong with them, and they can show off their knowledge on gravity-defying principles no regular person needs to know.

2.) Writing:
The writing majors should go somewhere to give them life experiences to overcome their writer’s block, and New York City is that place. NYC has such an eclectic mix of people that will take them out of their West Michigan shell and give them plenty of things to write about when they come back to take WRT219.

1.) Accounting/finance:
The accounting and finance dudes and dudettes should all round up their Delta Sigma Pi buddies and get in the car for the road trip of a lifetime, ending in Cawker City, Kansas to see the world’s largest ball of twine! This vacation will be the highlight of their year, and they will remember it fondly as they type numbers into a calculator for the rest of their lives.

The different majors go through many different types of stress, so it only makes sense to have a vacation based on that. Whether you need to add something to your resume or drown your sorrows in booze, hopefully, these break ideas gave you some much-needed inspiration.

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