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GVSU Alumni Fights Back After Name Doesn’t Make It On New Building


Everybody who’s anybody on Grand Valley’s campus is aware of the DeVos family; their names are literally everywhere. But how exactly did they get their names on those buildings? Well, simply due to the fact that the DeVos family has a shit ton of money and make up a large portion of the donations here at GVSU. But what happens to those who donate money, but not enough for Grand Valley to commemorate a building/sculpture/idol to? The Black Sheep has found exactly what happens.


The email was sent out October 5th, warning students that myBanner had been hacked and the website would be on lockdown until IT could go in and manually unlock them. Two days before that, a fraudulent phone call was made asking students for money for their tuition. Little did anyone know, these attacks were traced back to a GV alumni who did not make the quota for a building to be named after him. “They called and asked for money. I donated $4 million and apparently the quota is $5 million,” alumni Mark Whittier grumbled.


His first attack was by phone call so as to scare students into thinking they’d be kicked out for not making their tuition payment and then use that money to add to his donation. In doing this, Whittier thought that he could raise enough to give to the alumni house so they’d at least commemorate one of the benches to him. Unfortunately, even $300,000 can’t get you a bench on this campus so he gave up.




He then decided to hack into myBanner and steal all of the account information. From here, he could access the bank accounts of all the students and faculty, draining them so he could pay to have his name etched into a sidewalk tile by the library. Luckily, or much to his dismay, myBanner officials noticed the attack and shut down the site, leaving Whittier bone-dry in the funds department.




“Fight back against the man,” Whittier stated in an off-the-record email Q&A with The Black Sheep. “No matter how hard you work, it’s never enough. If you’re not willing to donate a new library or science building, it’s like going to GV didn’t matter at all.”


GVPD is currently attempting to track down Whittier whose last known whereabouts were Mexico City. “If anyone knows anything about this man,” said Officer Damon Williams, “we need to know.” Whittier said he’s not sure exactly why the police are attempting to charge him: “All I did was call and ask for money,” he said, “that’s what Grand Valley does, isn’t it?”


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