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Chug It List: 5 Signature GV Drinks


Grand Rapids is known for one awesome thing: beer. When meandering around downtown, one will come across tons of bars, breweries, and liquor stores that specialize in Founders, the Grand Rapids Brewing Company and obviously more. But, what does Grand Rapids beer have to do with GVSU? Well, The Black Sheep has compiled a list of GVSU-inspired drink concoctions incorporating local brews. Enjoy responsibly (or not, we’re not your mom).


The T. Haas:




This drink is a variation of the famous Shirley Temple, picked for both its sassy and sweet demeanor that totally mimics T. Haas. Instead of using ginger ale, break out some ginger beer from the Grand Rapids Brewing Company and add in the grenadine. Or, for the sake of GVSU being a dry campus, continue with just the ginger ale. Make T. Haas proud.


The Laker Effect:




A spin-off of a Blue Hawaiian, this drink is a perfect representation of the weather here at GVSU: frozen, blue, and boozy. Start off with about a cup of ice then add in blue curacao, some coconut Malibu rum (because screw cream of coconut when you can have more booze!), pineapple juice, and chunks of pineapple. Blend to your hearts content and garnish with a pineapple ring and cover the rim in sugar.


The Founders Shandy:




Take a regular shandy recipe and add in some Founders Pale Ale. Take a larger, chilled beer mug and fill it with equal parts pale ale and fill it with ginger beer. Mix it up by switching out the ginger beer and replace it with Vernors for a different taste!


Louie’s Favorite Drink:




This drink is a must have if you want to be like our Laker mascot. This drink is a variation of the cocktail known as Blue Boy, which fits Louie to a T. (Haas), but is kind of, well, disgusting. But you’ll want to try it anyway just for one last hoorah, so here’s what you need: gin, blue curacao, lemon juice, heavy, and an egg white. Combine in a cocktail shaker and shake until frothy. Chug it, regret your choices.


The Raspberry Snakebite:




For all you beer lovers out there that also enjoy the occasional fruity beverage, here are your ideal drinks combined. Get a raspberry craft beer from your Grand Rapids brewery of choice — we suggest Perrin’s raspberry blonde — and add some crème de cassis. Shake it ‘til you make it. Be careful that this one doesn’t explode on you. For another variation, try adding an apple ale instead of a raspberry beer.


We highly recommend trying all of these in one go because why not? If all else fails at least you’ll be drunk and a little less sad!


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