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GVSU Tapingo Update Confusion Helps Campus Dining Workers

Last year, Grand Valley introduced an app that was supposed to eliminate the need to wait all of five minutes in line at Starbucks. However, Tapingo (tap-in-go or is it ta-ping-go?) has gone from revolutionary to more of an inconvenience almost immediately, but Campus Dining has installed an app update to help the cause. Now, every time the app opens during a rush, the screen will display a middle finger until there’s room in the queue.

Jenny Pence, a student waiting in line was annoyed with the faulty estimation system. “I placed an order with Subway 10 minutes ago. The app said it was ready, but I can see them still working on my sandwich, and now all it shows is this middle finger,” she said. “At this point I could make it faster myself and without the ‘fuck you’ from GV.”

Tapingo hasn’t made life easier for Campus Dining staff either. The occasional order punched in for Argo is one thing, but trying to balance at least 20 extra orders during rush at Panda Express is a nightmare. “It’s the absolute worst,” Campus Dining cashier, Brad Micheals, stated  as he stacked another orange chicken bowl with a Tapingo ticket on the lid. “We’ve got people in line backed up to the Lobby Shop, and we’re behind at least 50 tickets. But don’t worry, our app update will buy us that extra time.”

The department thinks this update will cut down on the size of lines by causing confusion and possibly anger. “Sure, we’ve gotten some complaints, but it’s helped a lot with the workload,” a barista at Starbucks said as he put a pumpkin spice latte on the Tapingo holding dock. “And besides, people need to learn how to take a joke.”

While Campus Dining employees advocate for the new update, students remain unsure of the middle finger’s meaning, but are still continuing to place their orders on the app. “Yeah, you know, it beats having to wait in line and then wait for your food. Plus the lack of human interaction is purely invigorating,” said Chad Miller, another student waiting in the Panda Express Tapingo huddle.

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