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How to Pretend You Know About Art While You’re at ArtPrize

It’s that time of the year again, art has made its way back to GR! ArtPrize is a great way to check out downtown and get to see all sorts of different places you haven’t been to before. As you make plans to head down there with some friends, consider all the factors that go into making ArtPrize a real success: the beautiful art, the culture, and even the people. Don’t consider yourself artsy? Don’t worry! Here’s a list of ways to prepare for ArtPrize and fit in with your pretentious friends and strangers.

5.) Get to know your art terms:


When you’re looking at paintings, you’ll need to know terms like “expressive” and “moving.” You’ll want to be able to discuss saturation, negative space, and contrast, so hopefully you took WRT 253. By the time you’re done with your research on a few artsy terms, you’ll be able to walk around downtown with an ascot and a nice glass of red wine to impress the living shit out of strangers.

4.) Don’t forget to bring your DSLR!:


ArtPrize requires the most pretentious DSLR camera you can bring. You’ll have a hard time going around downtown without seeing someone carrying a nice-ass Canon or Nikon, so don’t show up empty handed. Grab a new SD card and charge up those batteries, ArtPrize is a photo op you don’t want to miss.

3.) Get out yo’ social media:


Clear up your phone space because you’re gonna need to Instagram the HECK out of ArtPrize. There are so many really awesome things to see – like the Blue Bridge recreated as a border to Mexico and a shit ton of dragons – and if your Instagram game has been weak, now’s the time to really step it up.  You’re going to be taking pictures of art that is certified to get likes from the Instagram “art” community (everyone on Instagram). Who doesn’t like GR culture?

2.) Be sure to wear the right outfit:


You can’t wear just anything to ArtPrize, you have to wear the right thing. Even though you’ll be walking a lot, be sure to wear the least comfortable pair of shoes that you own. This will ensure that you’re absolutely miserable, but your outfit will be on FLEEK and make everyone jealous. With all of those people, it’ll be hard for you to stand out. Wear glasses, scarves, boots, and jewelry to show people you’re an artist and belong at ArtPrize 2016.


1.) Hit the bar or brewery:


If walking around down at ArtPrize wasn’t enough to prove your hipster reign, swing by Founders or Hopcat and try out a fall IPA. Not old enough? Just stand outside lookin’ cool. Be sure to brag to every person at the bar about how much you enjoy IPAs. Wear your Founders shirt around, go down to the Grand Rapids Brewing Co. and get some merch there. Do everything you can to make sure people know you are artsy as shit and deserve to be critiquing the art that shows up downtown.

The most important thing, though, is to respect the art.  Be as pretentious as you want, but just try to keep in mind that this is someone’s work put on display. So go rock your hipster style, grab those IPAs and hit the road! Don’t forget to take your 35mm camera with you to capture all of the festivities in the most pretentious way possible.

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