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5 Ways to Know You’re a Laker for a Lifetime

So you’ve been at Grand Valley for a while now, whether that means two months or two years and counting, you’ve been living the Laker Life. But how do you know when you’ve actually become a Laker through and through?

5.) You’re too scared to go under the blue arch for fear of failure:


Everyone knows the story of the blue arches, even if they don’t know the actual name of the structure. Walking through it the wrong way makes the poor student fail all their exams. Even walking through the archway the “correct way” (starting at the incomplete side and then continuing towards the other side that is completed) will cause others to look at you either in pity or with some edge of respect. 

4.) You know the football cheers even though you haven’t been to one game:


If you’ve been to a couple home games by now and have paid attention to the cheering even in the slightest, it’s probable that somehow the words, or at least the tune, has been stuck in your head. Now every time you get within hearing distance of the stadium during game time and hear your fellow students cheering, you’ll have the words come unbidden to your mind, even if you haven’t heard them in years.

3.) You feel a personal attachment to Miley’s “Wrecking Ball“:


Even those who weren’t around during the wrecking ball fiasco back in ’13 know the story, or at least rumors, as to why there is now prison-like security around the pendulum piece. Now every time “Wrecking Ball” comes on, thoughts flash to our imprisoned ball of steel and the gentle sway that it keeps.

2.) You expect snow days by Thanksgiving: 


GV’s Allendale campus is a magnet for snow, collecting the majority of the snow from the area. Whether its November or February, if there’s snow, Grand Valley will be sure to have more than its fair share. Having a couple snow days before Thanksgiving break is not only not unheard of, but expected. If there are none, the student body can get a little on edge and stressed just waiting for a taste of freedom.

1.) You have a constant hate of public transportation: 


Even if the busses didn’t continually switch stops and their routes, the bus system can be a complicated mess for the uneducated in public transportation. Your hatred stems from seeing three full 50s pass you by, waiting 10 minutes for a bus to come at all, and having someone’s butt touch your face any time you try and ride. The only thing that makes this better is knowing the rest of the Lakers are right there with you suffering just as much (or falling over).

From songs or cheers getting stuck in your head, to unrealistic expectations about days off, the life of a Laker can be a wild ride. Do any or all of these scenarios sound familiar to you? If so, congratulations, you are now officially a Laker for a Lifetime.

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