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5 Last Minute Excuses Stay at GVSU and Avoid Your Family on Thanksgiving

The holidays are coming, and with them, a break from classes. However, sometimes returning home to the ‘rents and the plethora of bad-question-asking-family coming over for turkey and stuffing can be less than ideal. For anyone who needs that perfect last minute excuse to stay away during those times, here are a few ideas.

5.) “I have too much work at Campus dining, they won’t let me go.”


Show your parents how much of a hard worker you are, or will be at least over the break, by using work as your excuse. This also helps with convincing your parents that you’re the perfect employee with the right work ethic so they won’t be able to get on you about being “irresponsible” or “a disappointment.” 

4.) “I got Mono from living in Robinson.”


It’s important to tread cautiously with this one. This may make your parents force you back home with them so that you can rest in the comfort of home. However, if you can convince them that it’d be best if no one else came near you for fear of infection, you’re in the clear. And it’s not really lying, you’re sick. Sick of their hovering that is.

3.) “I’m broke and I don’t want to drive over to ____.”


This is another one to be careful with as your parents may see this as an invitation to drive over and either stay with you or pick you up themselves. If they ask what happened with the money they just gave you for your birthday, say you spent it towards something important like gas, school books, or GV shot glasses from the bookstore.

2.) “I have plans to go to Mully’s this weekend.”


Is Mully’s a business or your friend’s house? If your parents aren’t from around the area, you can leave it nice and vague so they won’t know you’re planning on spending the entire break bar hopping instead of staying at a friend’s house. Besides, it shows that if anything, you really do have a social life!

1.) “There’s a game at Lubbers stadium and I need to watch it.”


Even though football season is over for the year, there are still plenty of sporting events to attend at GV. Soccer’s still in season and even if you’ve never watched a game in your life, you may want to go cheer for the team at least a bit to avoid seeing your parents in person. Take photographic evidence for the parental units to show them you’re no fibber! Besides, Lakers were 11-0 in football, who knows what surprises the soccer team has up their sleeves.

Use one of these fool-proof excuses and you’ll be able to escape the dreaded “so you’re in college now, you obviously have your life figured out, tell us all about it” question, or just trying avoid crazy Uncle Billy or your annoying cousins.

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