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Real Life Finals: GVSU Edition

Not all finals will have you staying up all morning and night studying, some of them are real life lessons you’ve learned attending GV. Here are five real life finals that GV really does teach us about being a Laker.


5.) Life is Like a Parking Lot:

We’ve all heard growing up that ‘life is not fair’. Well just as life is not always reasonable, neither is the parking at GVSU. They may have torn down some old housing for more parking, but there’s still a gross amount of unavailable parking. What about that front row parking over by the Connection? It’s for faculty and staff only, go figure. You’d think after all the money we pay for tuition we’d be able to at least park our car somewhere without circling the lot for half an hour, but parking, like life, isn’t always fair at GV.


4.) Timing is Key to Survival:

Paying attention to the ebb and flow of the tides of the campus dining rush can be the difference between having time to eat a lunch in between your classes or not. Noting the busy times for each of your favorite dining places on campus can also help you figure out your schedule for the next year, should you be able to select classes that line up with the rush hours. This way, you can eat after your classes without having to worry about waiting in a line that goes out the door.


3.) Disappointment is Certain in Life:

Just as parking and life aren’t fair, Argo can also put a stopper on your otherwise perfect day. Imagine: you go to the library after feeling confident about a test you just took (haha funny, right?) You walk over to Argo and order a bubble tea with a vanilla macaroon (because you deserve it), only to find that they are out of both your favorite French snack and the bubbles… It’s a tragic tale for the books, but at least you’ll learn from this that you can’t always depend on the tea shop for even the simple things in life.


2.) Change is Imminent:

Another thing GV has worked hard to instill into its students is that nothing’s ever stationary, and getting used to something in your life only sets you up for confusion. Be the change the rapidly changing landscape with construction projects or your GPA; things are never standing still and flexibility is key to survival in this changing world.


1.) You Must First be Lost Before You can Be Found:

Finally, GV has taught us that life is an adventure, especially when you’re using the bus system. Knowing where you’re going is important but if you don’t you should at least have a backup plan (either that or a photographic memory of the bus route). And as mentioned above, change is a part of life, which pertains to transportation routes as well, so keep your mind sharp just in case you get lost on the transportation circuits that encompass Allendale and Grand Rapids.

Grand Valley wants to impress upon us that finals don’t just end once you’re out of school. Life has its own way of testing us, and our school is simply sharing this important life lesson before we are thrown out of the campus with our measly degree and naive hope that what we actually did these last four years was somehow beneficial to our life goals.

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