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How To Spend Your Christmas Funds the GV Way

After a hopefully restful and successful holiday break, The Black Sheep knows you’re all super excited to get back to school with all that Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket. We thought we’d be kind enough to give you some nifty ways to spend it.

5.) Textbooks:
Merry Christmas! Because life is unfair and unforgiving, it’s back to class responsibilities. Waking up early, showing up some place on a semi-regular basis, actually doing things. With brand new classes this semester, you’re going to need new textbooks. Unfortunately, even with browsing the used books on Amazon and renting services like Packback, books aren’t cheap. So instead of buying something cool like a new video game for your Xbox One or movies, you can use your money to purchase like maybe half of a textbook. It’ll be great; who needs fun and happiness when you’ve got a 500-page brick on organic chemistry. 

4.) New gym clothes:
New year, new you, right? Time to stop binge-watching Netflix for 30 hours and bust your ass at the Rec Center. With all the money you’ve got just laying around, buy your new workout attire from the GV bookstore. It all comes in great shades of blue, light blue, black, and grey. You can show off your GV pride the first three or four times you actually make yourself go to the gym. They’re also pretty stain-resistant, so when you start spilling salsa all over them once you’re in the middle of your first (second, third, fourth, who’s actually counting?) return-to-Netflix bender, they’ll be pretty easy to clear up. 

3.) Papa John’s:
After three weeks of good food cooked by older, wiser relatives, it’s time to return to the staple diet of college students: ramen noodles and soda from the vending machine. However, if you still have any leftover Christmas funds, splurge a little. Buy yourself a large pepperoni pizza and a whole two liter of soda from Papa John’s. Invite your friends over. Or don’t. More food for you. 

2.) Kirkhof booths:
You see them all the time when passing through. People show up with all kinds of cool stuff, scarves, hats, rings, necklaces, etc. Well now that you’ve got all that extra money, maybe stop by and purchase something. Help out small businesses and surprise someone you care about with something thoughtful. Or maybe just purchase that sweet hat you were eyeing for weeks that’s somehow miraculously still there.

1.) Java City:
There’s nothing more vital to your college survival than coffee. Food? Nah, skipping meals isn’t unusual. Sleep? No one can afford to sleep in college, not with their schedules loaded with creative ways to procrastinate doing their homework. What if you forget to turn on the coffee maker right before your early morning class? Might as well not even bother walking out the door. Those days, unfortunately, do happen but if you do find yourself in that situation, Java City is here to help. They also probably make better coffee drinks than you can anyway.

With the ever pending stress of classes looming, even at the beginning of the semester, treat yourself, Lakers. You deserve it for all the hard work you’ll be putting in this semester…

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