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How to Stay Awake While Cramming for Finals at the MIP Library

Although it’s necessary, studying for finals can be freaking boring. Trying to study while dozing off into your textbook’s no good and definitely won’t get you that B- you need to pass geology. That’s why you need to be proactive this year and come up with things to keep yourself up! Here are a few helpful tips to keep you awake this semester while trying to study at MIP!

6.) Annoy the baristas at Argo:

Baristas at Argo are just as bored and lonely as you are, so why not keep them entertained with a game of 21 questions? Who doesn’t love being questioned while they’re trying to work? Some questions you might consider are: “What do you mean I can’t get coffee here?” or “So, what exactly is a ‘teappuccino’?” By the end of the night, you and your new barista friend will be closer than ever!

5.) Prank call the IT HelpDesk:

The IT Help Desk is usually open until 2 a.m., so when you find yourself dozing off at 1:55, fear not! Your good friends at the IT Help Desk will keep you entertained, and more importantly, awake. Besides, they’re getting paid to pretend to be nice to you. Feel free to take full advantage and ask them all the annoying questions your sleep-deprived brain desires.

4.) Run up and down the stairs:

Sometimes when you’re falling asleep, all you need is some exercise to wake you up. Luckily there are four awful flights of stairs in MIP to keep you up for hours. If you trip and fall somewhere along the way, even better! That way you don’t even have to take finals.

3.) Scream:

This is crucial to any study break. Screaming won’t just keep you up. It’ll keep everyone around you up as well. When you get told off by any MIP employees, you can just tell them they should be thanking you. You’re just doing your part, trying to keep them, and everyone else at MIP, on their toes.

2.) Harass the workers at the Knowledge Market:

The Knowledge Market’s made for answering all your stupid questions. They don’t call it the “Knowledge Market” for nothing. The workers there obviously know everything, and when you’re falling asleep trying to find the answer to that really complicated question on your physics study guide, the Knowledge Market won’t mind helping.

1.) Book a study room with a screen for optimal Netflix-viewing:

There are plenty of study rooms in MIP that have big screens for practicing presentations, but did you know that they can also be used as private theatres for all your personal Netflix-viewing needs? When you reach your first (of many) mental breakdowns, try taking over one of these rooms and binge-watching your favorite guilty pleasure Netflix show. Oh, and don’t worry about falling asleep, all that fake caffeine at Argo should keep you up!

Studying for finals sucks, but giving yourself little study breaks in between should give you the motivation you need to finish the semester with a bang!


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