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Texting Shorthand Only Lakers Will Understand

What are your children and friends saying behind your back over text? Find out with this short and concise guide for text abbreviations. With this list, you can decode any Laker’s text messages and find out what they’re truly thinking about you.

10.) LOL “Lots of Louie”:
LOL can be used when you have a sailor-sized void in your life and you need to fill it.

Friend 1: “Bro, wya? Ur snap location has u out in the middle of Lake Michigan.”

Friend 2: “I need LOL in my life rn. Without his exceptional maritime navigational skills, I feel like I’m lost at sea.”

9.) SOL “Saginaw obviously lost”:
SOL is a good shortcut for telling your friends the result of the game. Saginaw loses to Grand Valley a lot, so your hands can get tired writing these three words out every single time.

Friend 1: “Yo, did you see the score of the SVSU game? We were up by 20 in the first half.”

Friend 2: “Yeah, SOL. I left at halftime.”

8.) RIP “Resting in Pew”:
Sometimes you get tired of riding the 50 to Grand Rapids and you accidentally fall asleep at the Pew Campus bus stop downtown. This handy little shortcut will let your friends know where you are while you frantically search for other means of transport.

Friend 1: “Shelby, wya? We had a test in calculus today!!!”

Friend 2: “OH SHIT! I WAS RIP.”

7.) Noob(s) “white bagger(s)”:
Sure, we already have a term for prospective students, but when it comes to texting, “white baggers” is obviously a lot longer than “noobs.”

Friend 1: “Hey Mark, did you see those noobs in the lobby?”

Friend 2: “Yea, I really hate the color white.”

6.) HTH “Hi T. Haas”:
Everyone wants to talk to T. Haas, so let him know you care by hitting the HTH on the keyboard. More likely than not, he sent the email to everyone, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be happy to hear from you! 

T. Haas: “Hello students, it’s a great day to be a Laker!”

Student: *trembles* “HTH.”

5.) AFK “Away from Kindschi”:
Everyone’s overslept a lab or two. Let your pissed off lab partner know you’re on your way to class with AFK.

Friend 1: “Bro wya? Lab started 15 minutes ago.”

Friend 2: “Sorry man… the parking police gave me a ticket, so I’ll be late. I’m 10 minutes AFK.”

4.) IDK “I dislike Kirkhof”:
There are way too many people in Kirkhof. Whether, it’s people tabling, waiting in line at Java City or just the hundreds of people who cut through to get to the busses, Kirkhof is way too damn crowded, and nobody in their right mind enjoys this.

Friend 1: “Hey Sue, how are you doing today?”

Friend 2: “IDK.”

3.) PAW “Police at Weed”:
Is GVPD outside of Weed Living Center? Yes? Let your drug dealer/roommate know with a quick text: “PAW.”

Friend 1: “John hide the weed!”

Friend 2: “Why?”

Friend 1: “PAW.”

2.) IWSN “I want Subway now”:
Sometimes it feels like Subway is the only dining option on campus after 4 p.m. Well, there’s Fresh, but who are we kidding? No one wants that!

Friend 1: “Hey honey, what do you want to do for Valentine’s Day?”

Friend 2: “IWSN.”

1.) SorG “Saginaw or Grand”:
Employers want to know the educational background of their employees. Let your potential employer know you didn’t go to a degree mill in Saginaw by replying “G.”

Interviewer Email: “This job pays $100,000 a year, so we are looking for a highly educated candidate for this position. SorG?”

Job Candidate Email: “G.”

Interviewer Email: “Great, you’re hired.”

Be careful with these text shortcuts! These abbreviations take on different meaning outside of the Dirty Dale. We advise you to take extreme caution before sending these text message abbreviations to people that don’t go to Grand Valley.

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