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Top 10 Things To Definitely, Really, Totally Be Thankful For At GVSU

With Thanksgiving coming up, there’s a lot to be thankful about, especially in regards to our great great Grand University. If you’re unsure of what to be thankful for during your Thanksgiving meal, here are a few ideas to mull over before the big day.

10.) A gym-less exercise:


Whether you live on campus or not, you’re going to have to do a bit of walking to get to your classes. The mile-wide campus’s filled with pedestrian paths to get you from Mackinac to Ausable and beyond. Who really needs the gym all the way on the north side of campus when you get to walk to classes?

9.) Cheap alcohol:


If you’re thankful for anything around GV, it better be the cheap-ass booze! Be it Mully’s across the street or Applebee’s on College Night, there are ways to afford a couple beers even at this year’s tuition prices!

8.) A swift and convenient bus system:


And of course there’s always the (in)famous bus system that always comes on time and is always reliable. There’s not any salt on this topic with any student on campus. Nope, none. At least it’s free and it’ll get you from here to there in, like, an hour.

7.)  A beautiful view:


Honestly with everything finally slowing down for winter, at least in nature, Allendale campus is a great place to relax, take a stroll through the crunchy leaves, and try and forget all your responsibilities. And, hey, if you’re really committed to getting out of work for the next few days and extend your Thanksgiving break, fall down the ravines. It’ll take forever to get you out of there.

6.) New friends:


The incoming class has been growing larger every year for at least the past four years. Sure they made the new freshman housing to keep the Fresh Meat stored separately from the rest, but claiming a spot to live on campus is still all about luck of the draw now. But with more students is more opportunity for your weird-ass to get out there and make some friends since everyone else has already given up on you.

5.) Parking:


While GVSU may not have the best method to parking in Allendale, at least they have a parking structure downtown where only business and education majors go. Some schools don’t even have the option for you to park or have a car on campus so be thankful we at least have the option of paying $400 a semester to maybe get a spot.

4.) The library:


As a new addition to the school, the Mary Idema Pew Library and its five levels of books, chairs, and technology is a grand place during those awkward 45 minute breaks between classes. Take a nap, study for that next test, whatever you want, the library is a judgment-free zone which is more than can be said about Thanksgiving with your family.

3.) Campus coffee shops:


Ah the smell of coffee in the morning is truly what gets most students through the long-ass day of class and the bus ride there and back. With multiple shops on campus, it’s hard to just pick one to be thankful for so why not all of them?

2.) Rising tuition:


With the cost of living rising and not looking like the trend will stop in the near future, it’s always a great time when your college charges you an exorbitant amount of money in order to have an education in order to live in said economy. But rising tuition just means campus and classes are going to get better, right?!

1.) Professors:


There are literally hundreds of professors and other faculty members whose job it is to help us on campus. Some are obviously better than others, but many of them are there to look out for you in the academic sense. They’re not your mom or dad though so don’t think they’ll baby you when you’re having a hard time, but they’ll let you miss a day or two of class when you need a mental health day and that’s something to be thankful about.

Sarcasm and salt included or not, there’s so much to be thankful for on our rural campus in Allendale. So if you’re sitting around the table at home with friends or family and they ask what you’re thankful for, now you know what to say!

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