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Top 10 Most Popular GVSU Google Searches


Ever wonder what your fellow students are doing on their laptops in class? Well here are the top 10 most popular searches for Grand Valley students. (Also, always use Google. Unless you hate yourself and everyone you love.)


10.) How to Afford College:

Such a practical question with a much needed answer. Even though Grand Valley’s more affordable than other schools, *cough*  MSU *cough* it’s not cheap.


Other related searches: how much does a kidney go for on the black market, if all students in America just stopped paying loans what’s the worst that could happen


9.) Vape Shops Near Me:

For when you need a refill on your vaper or whatever they’re called. Obviously this is an extremely important search for many students on campus — including that guy you see skateboarding past Fresh every Tuesday.


Other related searches: how to find your best bro friends, do I look cool wearing shorts in winter, and does this long board make my dick look small.


8.) Papa Johns Delivery:

GVSU students need pizza to survive or else we perish slowly over a span of three torturous weeks. And of course we don’t want to have to actually go get said pizza even though it’s right on campus.


Other related searches: Jimmy Johns delivery, how to avoid awkward interactions with delivery person, how to tip as little as possible because I’m a big fat jerk


7.) GVSU Rate My Professor: is an absolute necessary for college students and should honestly already be bookmarked.


Other related searches: textbooks for cheap, how to make a good first impression, why does this professor have a hot chili pepper when they’re clearly a 6 at best


6.) T Haas is My Light:

This search is needed to find other like-minded people. Also, Haas is apparently a Christian musician.


Other related searches: where does T Haas live, meeting your idol, I met my idol and he was creeped out what do I do


5.) Why Does Weather Do that Thing:

But seriously, why does weather do that thing? And in April no less. We want to know and we want it to stop.


Other related searches: how to stop snow from falling, 10 more weeks of winter my ass, does sacrificing squirrels/construction workers/professors/etc. make the snow stop


4.) How to Pass Exams:

For those semesters where you sleep though most of your classes, but still need to pass the class.


Other related searches: how to bribe someone, I want to bribe my professor but I don’t have any money, how to find money to bribe someone with


3.) Puppies for Sale:

Every college student knows the glory that is a pupper. That’s why we conglomerate at Kirkhof every now and then to rub some on our faces.


Other related searches: kittens near me, does God know how great baby animals are, success stories from people who hid a dog in their dorm room, I Googled puppy play and it was a mistake


2.) How to Look Like You Haven’t Been Crying:

Don’t lie and say this isn’t useful on those really tough days. Everyone poops and everyone cries. The circle of life.


Other related searches: how not to cry ever again, if I drop out of college now can I get my money back, can you sue life for emotional damages


1.) Longest Gone Without Sleeping:

This search is used when you’ve gone four days without sleep and you think you could break the world record.


Other related searches: long-term effects for sleep deprivation, how to contact Guinness world records, can I trust the talking water bottle when he says that we could rule to world together


We’re sure there are more out there but they’re probably not less than an R-rating so we thought we’d spare you the gross visuals. Just remember, your Google search isn’t really private.


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