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Top 10 Statement Masks to Try For Pres Ball Masquerade

This year’s President’s Ball theme is masquerade (AKA wear a frickin’ mask to hide how blazed you are). In case you’re too stoned to realize you didn’t buy a proper mask or you just want to show your creative side, here are some options that’ll give it the ol’ Laker try.

10.) Flu mask:
It’s flu season, Lakers! Stay safe out there and don’t get your date sick on top of the hangover they’ll have tomorrow. Though it’s not exactly masquerade material, you can at least say you avoided one type of illness!

9.) Batman mask:
If you really want to make an impression on your date, pick them up wearing a batman mask. They might not know what your actual face looks like, but they’ll definitely not be able to forget about you.

8.) Jason mask:
Are you a hockey player? Take that old hockey mask you have lying around and double it up as a masquerade mask. You might look absolutely terrifying but just go with it. If you say you’re actually Jason, people won’t know how little you care about Pres Ball.

7.) President mask:
It is the President’s ball, right? Maybe people will think you’re a real overachiever for this clever pun. Too bad T. Haas isn’t the president of the United States, but he’s definitely OUR president. You won’t be able to get a mask of his perfect face, but a U.S. president mask should do the job just fine.

6.) Purge mask:
You probably have one of these left over from your basic Halloween costume (we’re looking at you, last minute planners). Just don’t get wasted and actually try purging people. No one will appreciate it, and your date probably won’t speak to you again.

5.) Phantom of the Opera mask:
Want to be mysterious, but not too mysterious? This half face mask will show your date enough skin to keep them interested but enough mask to keep them guessing.

4.) Welder’s mask:
Your date’s so hot sparks are flying, you’ve gotta protect your face! Well, that’s at least the excuse you’ll give them when you don’t show up wearing a real masquerade mask. Trust us, they’ll be super impressed with your jokes.

3.) Animal mask:
Show GV your wild side with a children’s animal mask from the party store. Not only are they inexpensive, but you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd, and who doesn’t like that kind of attention?

2.) Anonymous mask:
Trying to avoid an ex? Wear the anonymous mask for extra mystery. A tiny masquerade mask that goes over your eyes just won’t cut it. With this full mask, you’ll stay hidden for sure. Plus it’s kinda creepy, so your ex for sure won’t approach you.

1.) Paper bag with the eyes cut out:
Let’s be realistic. All you’ve probably got lying around is an empty bag from your Einstein’s bagel this morning. Just cut some eye holes and head out the door. It’s cost effective and you’ll smell like bagels afterward, so win-win.

Hopefully, your date doesn’t immediately ditch you for wearing one of these masks! At the end of the day, you still showed up in a mask, so that’s all that matters… right?

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