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Top 10 Things College Students Overdo


As college students, one could say that our habits are a bit…quirky. But who’s to blame us? After 18 years of living off our parents and being told what to do, it’s time for us to spread our wings and become an individual. However, becoming an individual to fit in with a group of other individuals is hard work! We’ve compiled the best list of overdone things so you too can fit into your college campus.


10.) Liquor Bottles on Cabinets:

Nobody knows where this practice came from, but it’s here and completely overdone in the off-campus apartments. People say it’s so they “remember what they like to drink” but with all those bottles up there, we just think you like to drink and achieve a new level of douche-chic.


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9.) Blasting Rap Music:

This typically happens in freshmenland more than anything, especially out the window for all to hear. We’re not sure if you genuinely enjoy it, or if you’re just trying to show how supportive and nonracist you are. Either way, it’s annoying and completely overdone so STOP.




8.) Table Hogging:

We’ve all been in that situation where we need someplace to study in the library and this one insensitive person has every single textbook possibly sprawled out around the table that’s too big for them. Is it socially acceptable to study at a table with a stranger? No, so pack your things and sit at a table-for-one or none.


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7.) Netflix and Chill:

Now we’re not saying that watching Netflix is overdone, or that having sex is overdone (good for you though, being able to get some). We’re just saying the combination is overdone. Come on, everybody knows that asking someone to come over and watch Netflix now just means you’re horny. Use a pickup line or something instead. Sheesh.



6.) Greek Life:

The number one dream of any wannabe frat boy/sorority girl is to get involved with a Greek life family and party the nights away. But that stereotype is completely overdone. Get ready to maintain a certain GPA, buy tons of gifts for your Little, and spend more time in classes than paying your dues was worth.




5.) Student Loans: 

It is said that the average white male from a middle class family that gets no financial aid will be roughly $100,000 in debt by the time they graduate. Then they’ll spend the next 10 years of their life working at McDonald’s trying to pay it off. We say student loans are completely overdone and college should just be free.




4.) Wearing Puffy Black Coats with Fur Hoods:

We get it, you’re warm, and that’s great. That’s the point of the coat. But when everyone else on campus is wearing one, it’s a bit overdone. Plus, at night when you’re trying to cross the street, you’ll probably get hit or mistaken as a bear because nobody can fucking see you. Honestly, it’s better than camo.




3.) Ugg Boots as Snow Boots:

At no point were these ever supposed to leave the realm of fall and enter winter. Ugg boots as winter boots does not work, but it still is completely overdone. By the time you’re to your first class, they’re soaking wet and they smell bad. Just stop because you’re not helping anyone.




2.) Leggings:

These were never intended to be pants…but we’re sure as hell happy that they became them. However the size-too-small thing and being able to see your undies from three miles away has affected too many lives and too many eyes. For God’s sake try them on in a fitting room first and don’t put them in the dryer!




1.) Starbucks:

We get it, you can’t get the perfect nonfat soy no foam sugar free vanilla latte anywhere else…but you can. Literally any other coffee shop other than Tim Hortons can do that. Yes, having a Starbucks on campus is convenient, but just as the basic bitch trend is overdone, so is this.





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