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Top 10 Ways to Spend Your Remaining Debit Dollars

As the tide of final exams and projects grows closer, there’s clearly something that takes top priority: figuring out how to spend your remaining $150 debit dollars still in your account. You don’t want to waste that money, and the last thing you want to do is rush the Lobby Shop cashiers the last day of the semester. So here are the best ways to spend the rest of your debit dollars over the next two weeks:


10.) Order Papa John’s for your next study party. Or every study party.:

Even though at this point you’re probably sick of underwhelming pizza for two meals a day, it’s hard to argue with getting an entire pie for debit dollars. Plus, easiest way to make a study session somewhat tolerable is to have food smother the dread in your gut.

9.) Wipe the C-Store clean of its tampons:

Hey, you never want to be caught off guard, especially when stress is through the roof as it is. Even if you’re not a uterus bearer, it’s a nice thing to have on hand for the friends that are or you can soak them in dyed water and fling them at strangers! Fun!

8.) Buy Subway for your entire 6-9 lecture:

6-9’s are a magical place where people bond over exhaustion, so you may as well bond over food as well. Odds are they too are tired of underwhelming pizza two meals a day, so break up the monotony with slightly below average sandwiches!

7.) Treat yourself to Starbucks every two hours:

Let your inner basic bitch flourish by indulging in lattes and secret frappuccinos. You can worry about the caffeine rush and why the room is spinning later. The coolest part of this is that you’ll be able to see into the future. The downside is that you may shit yourself. 

6.) Buy way too much food from Which Wich:

While waiting for your next appointed Starbucks purchase, take five steps to your right and get yourself a sandwich. And a milkshake. And an ice cream sandwich. It’s right there, after all.

5.) Stock your fridge with necessities:

Who has time to go all the way down to Meijer for eggs and milk? Just use your debit dollars on those for the nights you need breakfast at midnight to get through your last paper. Yeah you’re paying $2 for a Snack Pack, but at least it’s not a total waste of money.

4.) Try everything from Argo’s menu:

Coffee not your thing? Well there is a respite for hipsters like you: Argo prides itself on having the best drinks this side of Rivertown’s Teavana (they’re liars, though). Not to mention the mouth-burning-but-still-better-than-average paninis. There are plenty of things to try so when anyone asks if it’s worth the money you can do more than just shrug.

3.) Have as many meal pluses as possible:

Granted, this only works if you still have meals, but you deserve the finer things in life. Get that shrimp dish from Panda Express. Order a large salad. Get that extra topping on your pizza from Ciao. You deserve it.

2.) Auction them off:

There’s a reason you didn’t spend your debit dollars on the campus dining food…However, someone out there has to have a lack of taste so auction off your leftover dollars on Facebook. Making $5 is better than losing it all!

1.) Barter them off for favors:

Now, not everyone has been as savvy with their debit dollars as you and are shit out of luck. It’s your time to shine. Who knows, you may get someone to do your philosophy paper in exchange for a Javalanche. The power is yours.

Now that you’ve got all these ideas, better hurry up: the crowd rushing to the Lobby Shop is on the not-so-distant horizon.


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