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Top 11 Things No one Will Miss About GVSU Over Winter Break

GVSU sure ain’t perfect, and being away from it for three weeks definitely proves it. Here are 11 things no one will miss while away on winter break.

11.) Michigan lefts:
It’s no secret that the roads around Grand Valley are a disaster. As Lakers, we’re all familiar with the dreaded potholes scattered over Pierce and 42nd. However, what truly makes the roads surrounding GV unique are the Michigan lefts West Michigan has so kindly graced us with. Being back in our hometowns now, nobody is missing not being able to make a normal left turn.

10.) Scouring Mary Idema Pew for a study spot:
When you make it to the fourth floor and realize you’re still out of luck, you can’t help but wonder why you can’t find any damn seating in a library as big as this one.

9.) The snow during winter semester:
Hiking to class everyday through the treacherous mountains of snow and praying to the every god we can think of to give us one snow day is a common pastime for the students of GVSU.

8.) The rowing team constantly advertising under the clock tower:
You don’t go to Grand Valley if the rowing team hasn’t tried to bribe you into joining up. There’s no escaping them. The best thing to do is just avoid the Cook Carillon Tower altogether.

7.) Being stranded at Meijer because the 50 never came:
As incoming freshmen, we were told that The Rapid would come when it was scheduled, but after being stranded at the Meijer bus stop for hours on end, we were forced to give up our hopes of a bus system that works the way it’s supposed to.

6.) The 85:
When you live on Lake Michigan or 48th, you have no other choice but to endure the 85 on weekends. This is especially bad if you end up being the only sober kid on the bus; you just have to remember to keep your head down and avoid all uncomfortable eye contact with the frat gang singing loudly in the back.  

5.) Doing your best to avoid the Big Blue Tunnel of Doom:
Placed in the heart of the “Lake” Halls, this monstrous blue sculpture is bound to be run into at some point. Though some brave souls walk beneath it, the majority of us know it isn’t smart to tempt fate.

4.) Commuting between Pew and Allendale campuses:
An hour getting there, an hour long class while you’re there, an hour back. It doesn’t seem worth it now that we’re all back home binge watching Netflix and refusing to change out of our pajamas.

3.) People who try to sell you stuff in Kirkhof:
Sororities, fraternities, clubs, and outside vendors alike. Whoever they are, they will not be missed. Trying to cut through Kirkhof to get to the buses quicker doesn’t seem worth it when you accidentally make direct eye contact with an innocent Girl Scout who won’t stop trying to push her nasty cookie habit on you.

2.) High school tours:
Being home for winter break, you only need to worry about awkwardly running into kids who go to your former high school. This is better than encountering the “white baggers” who stare at you like you’re part of a museum exhibit.

1.) Having nothing to do in Allendale besides aimlessly wandering around Meijer:
Unless you want to take the 50 all the way to Grand Rapids, there isn’t much to do besides shop around at Meijer. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can walk to the Panera across the parking lot, but that’s a lot to ask from most, especially on a cold night.

After a rough semester of commuting to and from Allendale in the snowy weather and failing to find the best spot in Mary Idema Pew, it’s safe to say that we all deserve this break.

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