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Top 5 Craziest Snow Piles at GVSU in Case You Missed Them

Though this patch of warm weather’s been nice (yes, 35° is considered nice), we sure are going to miss the giant snow piles found in almost every parking lot on Allendale’s campus. Even now, some of these giant snow heaps are still taking up parking spaces, as if we didn’t already have a problem trying to find parking! Although we’re positive winter will strike again, here’s 5 of the most impressive snow piles found on Allendale’s campus, in case you missed them.

5.) The S.S Titanic:

This behemoth stretched the entirety of parking Lot C. Though it took up way too many spots, it sure made an excellent hill for sledding. Unfortunately, just as the actual Titanic sunk to the bottom of the ocean, this giant iceberg is no longer with us.

4.) The Fresh Food Ice Pile:

This big boi was located directly behind Fresh Food Co. and was definitely being used to stock their ice machine. If you’ve been wondering why there’s no more ice in their machines, now you know why. We’re onto you, Fresh!

3.) The Lil Laker:

This baby glacier used to be across from Mackinac at the corner. It may not be as big as its brothers and sisters, but it’s still big enough to make it onto this list. Maybe when it comes back it’ll be a full-grown adult snow pile, but only time will tell.

2.) The Big Baller:

This glacier just wanted to play ball. It reached all the way to the top of the basketball rim across from Kleiner. For all of you unskilled b-ball players out there, this may have been your only chance to actually touch the rim. However, if you didn’t get a chance, don’t worry! It’ll be back. This is Allendale after all.

1.) The Water Tower Runoff:

This snow pile nearly blocked the pathway to South apartments. Surely, those living in South are more than happy to see this monster melting away. We can only hope that it’ll keep away from our precious parking spots whenever it decides to return.

Unfortunately, these glaciers don’t last forever, so whenever they pop again, make the most of them. Whether you’re hiding in one or climbing it, be sure to enjoy yourself (while simultaneously cursing them for stealing parking, of course). Either way, stay icy, Lakers!

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