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Top 6 GV Lecture Halls That Emotional Support Dogs Enjoy Attending

Every Laker on the Allendale campus has a 10/10 day when, and only when, they see emotional support dogs on campus. Even though they can’t pet the good boys, they can admire them from afar, which is almost just as good. The problem is that even though these dogs are our FAVORITE things, nobody ever asks them what their favorite things are. The Black Sheep has done a thorough study and compiled the results of said extensive study, revealing the therapy dogs of GVSU’s six favorite lecture halls to attend classes in.

6.) Mackinac Hall:
The dogs of GV tend to love this place because, even though the classes are dry, they get so much frickin’ exercise. Even if their humans live in Freshman Land just a few feet across the street, once they get into Mackinac, they get so lost that they spend half their class period wandering around the building. For the dogs, this means A LONG WALK!

5.) The Connection:
For dogs that have class in here, this means SMELLS. All kinds of food smells all the time–pizza, burnt rubber, French fries, mystery meat, you name it! The prison food they sell at The Connection is enough to make the average person throw up, but the dogs live for it. So next time you have your emotional support dog in The Connection, remember to stop and let it take a few whiffs before immediately booking it to the upstairs labs.

4.) Kindschi:
If you’ve got class on the fourth floor of Kindschi, you’re running late and the elevator is taking forever. You’ll probably cry knowing that 4,000 stairs are in your near future–but your dog will love it. Their favorite thing about this class is knowing they get to race you up the stairs every day to get there–and win every single time, too.

3.) Lake Huron:
This building is as old as buildings at GVSU come. The floors creak, it’s dark and gloomy, and best of all, it smells like farts. Dogs that don’t have classes in LHH are jealous of the dogs that do, because what four-legged friend doesn’t love sniffing strangers’ butts all day?

2.) Padnos:
If your owner is walking you to Padnos Hall of Science, there’s a good chance you’re about to be forced to sit through the worst orgo lecture of your life. The good news is, while the professor is rambling on and on about carbon bonds and other pointless shit you’ll never need to know as a dog, their monotone voice will put you right to sleep, and you’ll get in the most bomb $2,000 nap you’ve ever had the privilege of taking.

1.) Henry Hall:
This place is fun because no matter what time you’re here, you’ll hear wails and screams from students trying to print their 100 paged papers five minutes before class, and the printers personally victimizing them. The place is mass chaos, and for the dogs, this means tons of people coming in and out, staring at them, taking pictures of them, and freaking out. The dogs get their five minutes of fame on another sorority girl’s Snapchat story, and the student’s get to calm down a little at the sight of a pup. Everybody wins here.

Next time you see an emotional support dog on campus and you think to yourself, “it’s the best day ever!” you’ll be happy to know that they’re having the time of their lives here, too. Grand Valley’s smelly lecture halls are a dog’s best friend; they’re happy to be here, rolling around on the filthy, tiled floors, and we’re happy to have them in class with us, easing our suffering and warming our cold hearts.

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