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Top Ten Things GVSU Students Already Miss About Grand Valley

Sometimes it feels like there’s too much pressure to enjoy summer vacation. Yeah, the school year can be hard but there still those things that you can’t help but miss.


10.) Grand Rapids: Everyone knows Allendale is extremely boring, but GR is still every bit as cool as it’s always been. It’s a craft beer, liberal, “we make pretentious pizza” oasis in the bible-belt that is west Michigan that no one can resist.


9.) Guilt-free naps: When you sleep in until noon, it’s hard not to feel guilty going back to bed in a few hours. However, during the school year, naps are always accepted and even expected (in public). It’s something to truly be thankful for.


8.) Not caring about sports: People don’t care about sports at GVSU and bless them for that. If they did, they definitely would have gone to MSU or U of M. Even Northern cares more about sports than Grand Valley. Some of us wouldn’t have it any other way.


7.) Friends you didn’t go to high school with: One of the biggest selling points of GVSU was that it wasn’t your high school. Maybe your friends from Grand Valley aren’t that great either, but at least they don’t have bad pictures of you from your pre-pubescent days.


6.) Skipping class: It’s sad, but it’s true; there might not be anything as thrilling as the moment you decide to sleep in and not go to your 8 a.m. class. Certainly not watching Netflix all day or babysitting that brat next door all summer.


5.) Being far away from your parents: This isn’t to say you don’t love your parental units, but being home for the summer can be torturous. It’s like listening to a song on repeat; if that song criticized your life choices and drinking habits. .


4.) Crazy preachers: There are at least three groups of religious folk that amazingly work separately of each other and choose Grand Valley as their personal stomping grounds. It’s hard not to miss that fun game “what am I going to Hell for today?” Amen to crazy preachers for sprucing up life.


3.) Free stuff: One of the biggest perks about college is free stuff such as food, clothes, and office supplies. Sure, no one needs another stress ball shaped like Louie the Laker, but the only free thing summer vacation gives you is a sunburn and maybe chlamydia.


2.) Broccoli cheese soup: Sure, mom might make a good lasagna, but once you’ve had a spoonful of BCS, nothing quite tastes the same. It’s not unlike an addiction. BCS withdrawal symptoms include perfuse sweating, sleepwalking/sleepcrying, and in some cases even death. Only a few more months until fall!


1.) Hope for a promising future: At least when you’re barely scraping by with a 2.6 GPA, there’s a hope that one day you may be successful, unlike when you’re sitting at home with the parents. At GVSU, there’s a chance that sometime in a far future you could start paying off students loans. It’s at least 17% possible.

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