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What Freshmen Wish They Knew Before Enrolling at GVSU

Going from a school of roughly 2,000 people to a university of 25,000, college can be a huge step in anyone’s life. Freshmen year is full of ups and downs, learning how to adult, and a lot of boozing. Above all else however, going into one’s freshmen year can be downright scary. Whether you’re 10 minutes from home or studying abroad, there’s always something we wish we would’ve known beforehand.  So we talked to some freshmen to see what they really wish they would have known before starting this semester. 





The Black Sheep: When it comes to the meal plan, what would you wish you would’ve known before buying it?


Freshman: “I wish I had known that 14 meals a week only meant two meals a day were covered. I guess I could have done the math, but that’s not why I’m going to college.”




Freshman: “I wish someone had explained to me what ‘Debbie’s’ were. I just thought people were exchanging drugs to the P.O.D cashiers for Gatorade.”




The Black Sheep: What did wish you had known about housing before move-in day?


Freshman: “That suite style really wasn’t sweet at all, and that I ‘d have to take a shower while someone was shitting in the same bathroom 10 feet away. They could grab my leg. And they did.”




Freshman: “I wish I had known that living with my best friend was a horrible idea. We’re not best friends anymore. We’re tunnel buddies.”




The Black Sheep: What did you wish you had known about the campus before enrolling here?


Freshman: “That despite how small it is, it still takes 15 minutes of dodging long-boarders to get from one end to the other.”




Freshman: “I would never had enrolled had I known the layout of Mackinac was designed by Stevie Wonder. I seriously can’t find shit.”




The Black Sheep: Is there anything about the academics you wish you had known?


Freshman: “They told me classes wouldn’t exceed 70 people for a lecture, and then I walked into my general biology class. 75 people really freaks me out.”




Freshman: “I wish I had known how personable the professors could be. It’s a little creepy how well they get to know me. Now they can see my photo on Blackboard before class. That’s stalker-status right there.”




The Black Sheep: Is there anything about campus dining you wish you had known?


Freshman: “I wish someone had told me about how shitty (literally) Fresh made you. I was so psyched about the all you can eat until I became best friends with my toilet.”




Freshman: “Why didn’t anyone tell me that being in the honor’s college meant I had easier access to broccoli cheddar soup and Laker Bowls? The Connection is just so much better than everything else.”




The Black Sheep: Is there anything about the campus technology you wish you had known?


Freshman: “I can’t believe they don’t allow wireless printers in the dorm. Had I known, I wouldn’t have spent $50 on this useless thing. Probably would have just printed for free on campus anyways.”



Freshman: “I wish I had known that the guest Wi-Fi ran better than the student. I would’ve not paid tuition and just showed up here to do my classwork for another school.”


GVSU freshmen may not have gotten what they bargained for but at least they maintained um…you know what, we’re not sure. Would it kill GVSU to supply the straight facts on their Debit Dollars and Wi-Fi? Nooooo but apparently yes.


To all those who rushed this semester, we salute you:

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